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Data Science

Pandas Categoricals

Disclaimer: Categoricals were created by the Pandas development team and not by me.

By Matthew Rocklin4 min read

Data Science

Geographic visualization with R's ggmap

Have you ever crunched some numbers on data that involved spatial locations? If the answer is no, then boy are you missing out! So much spatial data to analyze and so little time.

By Sean Lorenz5 min read

Data Science

Data Science Interview: Sean McClure Sr. Data Scientist at Thoughtworks

We recently caught up with Sean McClure PhD, Sr. Data Scientist at Thoughtworks. Sean, firstly thank you for the interview. Let's start with your background and how you became interested in data science.

By Anna Anisin8 min read

Data Science

Deep Learning with

This post provides a brief history lesson and overview of deep learning, coupled with a quick "how to" guide for dipping your toes into the water with Then I describe how Domino lets us easily run H2O on scalable hardware and track the results of our deep learning experiments, to take analyses to the next level.

By Sean Lorenz9 min read

Data Science

2014 Data Science Salary Survey

Contributed by John King and Roger Magoulas

By Anna Anisin6 min read

Data Science

Faster model tuning and experimentation

Domino provides a great way to iterate on analytical models by letting you run many experiments in parallel on powerful hardware and automatically track their results. Recently we added two powerful new features to make that workflow even easier: Run Comparisons and Diagnostic Statistics.

By Nick Elprin4 min read

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