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Data Science

Data Scientist Interview: Robert Woolfson from

We recently caught up with Robert Woolfson - Ph.D. in Computer Science from Manchester University, now heading up the data science team at

By Anna Anisin11 min read

Data Science

10 Interesting Ways to Use Data Science

There's buzz everywhere these days about exciting applications of data science, especially related to machine learning. While the majority of the media attention focuses on big names and sexy topics — e.g., the Google Brain, image classification, speech recognition — we are fortunate to work with companies every day that are doing fascinating work with data science tools. Although sometimes more mundane, many of their use cases have more real-world impact.

By Nick Elprin6 min read

Data Science

Tales from direct sales email outreach

Direct email outreach is one of our sales channels: we find data scientists working at interesting companies and email them. We've refined our template through a few iterations and A/B tests to the point where we get a response rate of over 5%, which seems reasonable. But we also get some perplexing responses. I wanted to share some of them, not as sour grapes, but because I think they shed light on some of the challenges involved selling enterprise data science software. Just to be clear, I am not complaining; I'm sharing -- for two reasons. First, maybe people will have suggestions. Second, this might help others trying to do enterprise sales.

By Nick Elprin7 min read

Data Science

Topic modeling in 9/11 news articles

This is a guest post by Dan Morris. The interactive dashboard and the code are also available.

By Dan Morris13 min read

Data Science

Interactive Charts with Plotly and Domino

We've used an IPython Notebook that uses Plotly's widgets to create beautiful interactive charts. Read on to see how you can use interactive charts in your own notebooks by using Domino as a central notebook engine — on premise behind your firewall, or in the cloud.

By Nick Elprin1 min read

Data Science

How to Do Factor Analysis in R

What is Factor Analysis?

By Evan A. Warfel16 min read

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