Community Principles on Ethical Data Sharing Presented at Bloomberg’s Data for Good Exchange

Lisa Green2018-02-20 | 2 min read

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As the world becomes more model-driven, data ethics is an increasingly significant issue that must remain top of mind. Domino actively engages with several data ethics initiatives that allow us to contribute our expertise and exchange ideas with other leaders who have the same passion.

Along that vein, we’re honored to help create the Community Principles on Ethical Data Sharing</a> (CPEDS): a crowdsourced effort to institute a code of ethics for data sharing across the data science community.

Here’s a brief summary of work that’s been accomplished so far.

  • CPEDS kicked off in September 2017 at the third annual Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange (D4GX) conference in New York.
  • After that event, a group of us collaborated on a first draft of principles. I was honored to be part of that group, working alongside such amazing people.
  • On February 6, Bloomberg hosted another D4GX event–for the first time at their San Francisco office–where dozens of us gathered in person and hundreds more tuned into the livestream programming to hear from inspiring speakers such as Gideon Mann, DJ Patil, Natalie Evans Harris, Joy Bonaguro, and Paula Goldman. But the highlight of that event, at least for me, was that we were able to share the first draft of CPEDS with the community and solicit their feedback in real time via in-person workshops and Slack chats with the remote audience. You can watch the recorded video here.The first set of principles addresses seven topics, which you can learn more about on the CPEDS site:
  • Thought Diversity*
  • Bias
  • Privacy and Security
  • Responsible Communications*
  • Provenance and Ownership
  • Transparency and Openness*
  • Questions and Answers*
  • Domino contributed to four of the seven. So what’s next? The CPEDS work is ongoing and we need you! Please join the conversation by joining #p-code-of-ethics conversation on Slack or sign up to contribute to the next version of principles. It is important that a large number of people from the data science community collaborate to shape the principles that will ensure ethical use and sharing of data.
DJ Patil speaking at D4GX


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