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Our Customers Said it Best, as Domino Named a Visionary By Gartner

Nick Elprin2017-02-17 | 2 min read

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The team at Domino is proud to be named a visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Science Platforms. It’s nice to get recognized by third parties, but it was particularly gratifying to hear feedback from our customers synthesized and channeled through Gartner’s report. We were most proud of the feedback we got in three areas: our product, our customer service, and our sales team.

One area we've invested in heavily is collaboration, and these features consistently get great reviews. We focused on collaboration because we know it is at the core of great data science. Teams are most effective when they can share ideas, reuse past work, and build team knowledge. Domino makes collaboration seamless, even for large and distributed teams. We're not surprised that this is considered a key strength of the platform.

It isn’t just our product that gets positive reviews. We consistently hear great things about our customer support team. We know our customers are busy people trying to solve tough problems. We’ve always gone above and beyond to help them achieve their objectives. As far back as two years ago, our customers were writing about our support as a reason for choosing Domino. We’re glad that our investments in this area are appreciated by our customers, and are continuing to grow the team.

Finally, it turns out that customers also had very positive things to say about their sales relationship with Domino. Although we do have very nice salespeople, we believe this response is actually a reflection of the Domino customer experience as a whole. A sales relationship is bad when someone buys a product and it doesn’t work. No salesperson can overcome that. A sales relationship is good when the salesperson brings in a solution that solves the problem and makes the buyer a hero. We think our sales relationship was rated so highly because our salespeople bring in a great product with great support.

The full report also praises our market awareness, meaning we’re doing something right across product, sales, marketing, and customer success. We’re glad it’s getting noticed, and we’re eager to keep building great products and great relationships with our customers.

Nick Elprin is the CEO and co-founder of Domino Data Lab, provider of the open data science platform that powers model-driven enterprises such as Allstate, Bristol Myers Squibb, Dell and Lockheed Martin. Before starting Domino, Nick built tools for quantitative researchers at Bridgewater, one of the world's largest hedge funds. He has over a decade of experience working with data scientists at advanced enterprises. He holds a BA and MS in computer science from Harvard.

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