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Domino Honored to Be Named Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant

Mac Steele2018-02-23 | 3 min read

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The team at Domino is proud to be named a Visionary for the second year in a row in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms. It is exciting to see that companies and industry analysts are increasingly realizing the value of a data science platform, and we’re honored to be recognized. It was particularly gratifying to hear feedback from our customers synthesized and channeled through Gartner’s report.

One customer, Topdanmark Project Manager Stig Geer Pederson, said,

"In the insurance industry, which has been on the forefront of quantitative research and data science, it is imperative for us to be model-driven so we can deliver the best possible customer experience. Domino is by far the best and most flexible machine learning platform for code-first data scientists; they're a strategic partner that will help Topdanmark maintain our leadership position in the North European insurance market."

The Gartner report highlights two themes that are most important to us: our product and our customer commitment. You'll have to read the report to see what our customers told Gartner. Three aspects of the product in particular get compliments from our customers and a lot of investment from our development team: collaboration, openness, and model delivery.

  1. Collaboration - One area we've invested in since our inception is collaboration features within the platform; these features received “the highest score among vendors for this critical capability.” We focus on collaboration because we know it is at the core of great data science. Teams are most effective when they can share and discover ideas, reuse past work, and build collective knowledge. Domino makes collaboration seamless, even for large and distributed teams.
  2. Openness - Collaboration is all the more powerful if everyone can work together, regardless of their tools and languages of choice. Gartner recognized Domino with the “highest overall score for flexibility, extensibility, and openness.” We’ve always been committed to building an open platform so our customers can benefit from the unprecedented innovation in today’s market, from deep learning to automated ML to data visualization.
  3. Model Delivery - Our customers constantly tell us that a model is only valuable if it is impacting the business. We heard that feedback and invested heavily to expand functionality for model delivery. We were gratified to learn that our customers gave us excellent ratings on this functionality and our overall responsiveness to product requests.

We know our customers are busy people trying to solve tough problems. We aim to help them achieve their objectives and have been pleased to see customers cite the quality of support as a key reason for choosing Domino.

The full report also notes that we have been able to gain traction in a highly competitive market, a reflection that we’re doing something right across product, sales, marketing, and customer success. While the market continues to evolve rapidly, we’re excited to maintain our focus on building great product and great relationships with our customers.

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