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Mac Steele2018-09-05 | 4 min read

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By Mac Steele, Director, Product, Domino Data Lab on September 05, 2018 in

The Forrester Wave™: Notebook-based Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions, Q3 2018 is hot off the press, and we’re happy to share that Domino was named a leader. In this blog, I’d like to offer a bit more context about the report, what it means, and why we think it’s exciting.

The Forrester report states that:

“Machine learning is an elemental core competency that every enterprise must have. The reasons are many. Machine learning gives enterprises the power to predict. It is a fundamental building block to AI. It can learn from data and find hidden insights. Most importantly, it can make even the hugest of enterprises gain the agility of disruptive upstarts by injecting scalable intelligence into hyperpersonalized customer experiences, business processes, operational applications, and employee decisions. None of this happens, though, without businesspeople, data scientists, data engineers, software developers, and AI engineers working together. That’s where enterprise predictive analytics and machine learning solutions for data science teams and their friends are necessary.”

We couldn’t agree more. Their perspective aligns with our belief at Domino that companies must be model-driven to survive in today’s economy; at the core of every machine learning solution are models that data science organizations build and deploy.

Forrester calls the industry we’re in “Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning”, or PAML, which they define as:

Software that provides enterprise data scientist teams and stakeholders with 1) tools to analyze data; 2) workbench tools to build predictive models using statistical and machine learning algorithms; 3) a platform to train, deploy, and manage analytical results and models; and 4) collaboration tools for extended enterprise teams including businesspeople, data engineers, application developers, DevOps(1), and AI engineers.

Within the PAML space, Forrester identifies three distinct segments–each of which has / will have a unique Forrester Wave report:

  1. Notebook-based PAML solutions
  2. Multimodal PAML solutions
  3. Automation-focused PAML solutions

The Forrester Wave report that was released today, recognizing Domino as a leader, focuses on Notebook-based PAML Solutions. (The report also provides a definition for each of the three PAML solution types listed above.)

Nine “notebook-based PAML solution” vendors were evaluated based on three buckets of criteria for this report: current offering, strategy, and market presence. In addition to receiving the highest scores possible in the platform, solution roadmap, partners, and market awareness criteria, Domino also scored among the top three in the market presence category.

According to the Forrester report:

“Domino Data Lab lets you conduct experiments with your tool of choice. Domino is all about making your data science teams more productive by working with them rather than forcing them to use just one notebook interface. Data scientists love their different tools, so Domino lets users code in Jupyter, Zeppelin and R Studio, but also in proprietary tools like SAS and DataRobot. It enables this through a unified platform that enables self-service provisioning of resources and allows teams to both standardize their environments and modify them when experimentation is called for.”

We think the Forrester Wave report validates our point of view around the need to build a new organizational capability out of Model Management, and we appreciate this recognition of the value Domino delivers to customers on their journey to become model-driven.

(1) DevOps: development plus operations

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