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Data Science

Put Models at the Core of Business Processes

At Rev, Nick Elprin, Domino's CEO, continued to provide insights on managing data science based upon years of candid discussions with customers. He also delved into how data science leaders can utilize model management and help their companies become successful model-driven organizations. This blog post provides a distilled summary of the whitepaper, "Introducing Model Management". The whitepaper is a companion to his talk and is also available for download.

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Data Science

Data Science Models Build on Each Other

Alex Leeds, presented “Building Up Local Models of Customers” at a Domino Data Science Popup. Leeds discussed how the Squarespace data science team built models to address a key business challenge as well as utilized a complex organizational structure to accelerate data science work. This Domino Data Science Field Note provides highlights and video clips from his talk. The full video recording is also available for viewing. Also, if you would like additional information on building and managing models within an overall data science practice, then consider Domino’s model-management paper or practical guide for managing data science at scale.

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Data Science

Data Quality Analytics

Scott Murdoch, PhD, Director of Data Science at HealthJoy, presents how data scientists can use distribution and modeling techniques to understand the pitfalls in their data and avoid making decisions based on dirty data.

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Data Science

What Your CIO Needs to Know about Data Science

What would you rather be doing? Data science or DevOps?

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Data Science

Data Science != Software Engineering

Why understanding key differences between data science and engineering matters

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Data Science

The Cost of Doing Data Science on Laptops

At the heart of the data science process are the resource intensive tasks of modeling and validation. During these tasks, data scientists will try and discard thousands of temporary models to find the optimal configuration. Even for small data sets, this could take hours to process.

By Eduardo Ariño de la Rubia6 min read

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