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Product Updates

Take a look at Domino Code Assist

A picture is worth 1000 words, so let's get right into exploring Domino Code Assist (DCA). As I mentioned in my prior blog, with DCA you can import a dataset, make a few data visualizations, and deploy those data visualizations as a Python data app - all through a point-and-click interface. At the end of this, you have a perfectly executable Python or R script that follows the steps that you took in the UI.

By Jack Parmer3 min read

Data Science

Domino 3.0: New Features and User Experiences to Help the World Run on Models

This blog post introduces new Domino 3.0 features. Akansh Murthy is a Technical Product Manager at Domino and previously worked as a software engineer at Domino and Kareo.

By Akansh Murthy7 min read

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