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Benchmarking NVIDIA CUDA 9 and Amazon EC2 P3 Instances Using Fashion MNIST

In this post, Josh Poduska, Chief Data Scientist at Domino Data Lab, writes about benchmarking NVIDIA CUDA 9 and Amazon EC2 P3 Instances Using Fashion MNIST. If interested in additional insight from Poduska, he will also be presenting "Managing Data Science in the Enterprise" at Strata New York 2018.

By Josh Poduska8 min read


Intel’s Python Distribution is Smoking Fast, and Now it’s in Domino

Domino just finished benchmarking Intel’s Python Distribution, and it is fast, very fast. Intel’s Python distribution is available for use in Domino.

By Domino Data Lab3 min read


New G3 Instances in AWS - Worth it for Machine Learning?

We benchmarked AWS’s new G3 instances for deep learning tasks and found they significantly outperform the older P2 instances. The new G3 instances are now available for use in Domino.

By John Joo4 min read


The R Data I/O Shootout

We pit newcomer R data I/O package, feather, against popular packages data.table, readr, and the venerable saveRDS/writeRDS functions from base R. While feather fared well, it did face stiff competition.

By Eduardo Ariño de la Rubia11 min read

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