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The Customer Success Team

Customer Success is a crucial part of our competitive strategy. In this role, your mission is to quickly onboard new customers so they get the most from the unique Domino platform. You will act on their behalf, track the progress toward their data science goals, and champion their product needs to ensure Domino hears the voice of the customer.

The Customer Success team ensures that customers have a performant and reliable experience with Domino. We are an elite team of customer-centric managers, Field Engineers, and Solution Architects who help data science teams turn their companies into model-driven organizations. In addition, you’ll work closely with many departments, including Sales, Deploys, Field, and Application Engineering, to ensure they can function smoothly and achieve their goals.

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Team size and roles

  • The Customer Support team is made up of 62 people.
  • Customer Support Engineering is 43 people, including Field Engineers, Field Data Scientists, Solution Architects, and Project Managers (all post sales)
  • Customer Support Management is 19 people, primarily CSMs and CS leaders

Team Growth Rate

  • Across the Customer Support department, we expect to add approximately 20 new employees by the end of the year

Our Tools

  • Machine Learning & AI technologies
  • Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • PyTorch

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How Domino Data Lab’s Solutions Architects Are Building the Future of Data Science

Whether helping to develop more effective drugs or providing cheaper health insurance, data science is an indisputable game-changer at the intersection of business and technology. As a staff solutions architect at Domino Data Lab, Nick Jablonski is directly empowering data scientists to solve the world’s most worthy challenges. Below, he discusses his role in the company and how team members have an opportunity to make a big impact.

Domino scales data science and its value with a centralized, modern platform that data scientists love and IT administrators trust. The result? Data science is unleashed to deliver transformative value across your organization and to your customers.

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