Unleash Your Data Science Team

Discover How Turbocharged Data Science Platforms Outperform AutoML

Some vendors say AutoML is a great way to realize your vision. For leaders looking to create organizational impact with data science, there are glaring problems with this claim. First, your team works with Big Data; most AutoML tools can only handle small datasets. Data scientists spend significant time wrangling messy and unstructured data; AutoML can't do that. In continued contrast with your team, AutoML tools can't use deep learning and other techniques that require hardware acceleration. And if you want to invest in generative AI and foundation models… AutoML doesn't do that either.

This document offers a glimpse into the potential impact of advanced data science and machine learning operations on organizations looking to do more, including the ability to:
  • Work with big data
  • Power through model training with GPU's
  • Support advanced algorithms