Data management

Prepare and transform data to make it AI-Ready

Access all your data, right where you work

Unlock diverse data sources right where you work. Query with ease across platforms and minimize data movement.

Version, store and share data sets

Quickly prepare, visualize, and transform data with a user-friendly interface.

Create, store and share ML features

Easily discover and share features with Domino Feature Store for collaboration, re-use and consistency.

Govern and secure your data

Robust data governance, data audit, security, and compliance. Automatically track lineage, metadata, and provenance.

Data management and preparation

Unified data access [clean]


Access any popular data source, anywhere

Instantly connect to any popular data store – including cloud storage, data lakes, file repositories, data warehouses, databases, and more in the cloud, across multiple clouds, or on-prem. Domino supports data access to external on-prem and cloud storage deployments. Access leading data infrastructure from AWS, Azure, GCP, Databricks, Snowflake, and many more with hybrid, multi-cloud data access. Query all your data as though from a single source and minimize data movement.


Create high quality datasets

Robust training datasets and high-quality features are key to AI performance. In Domino, users can easily visualize, prepare, and transform data with a simple point-and-click interface. Perform filtering, cleansing, grouping, aggregations, joins and more. Every step in data prep is versioned and immutable with dataset snapshots. In Domino, you can build, manage and reproduce complex data pipelines to deliver high-performance AI.


Engineer, share and reuse features

Domino offers a built-in, code-first, open-source feature store. Catalog, search, and reuse features with a single source of truth for all feature definitions. Domino ensures full feature discoverability and consistency throughout the organization and between training and inference.


Create secure, compliant datasets

Domino automatically tracks data lineage, metadata, data provenance, and ensures security and compliance. Data audit trails automatically record all access so model approvers can confidently ensure compliance with enterprise security and audit policies.


what's new

Unified data access & governance

A comprehensive interface to access and govern your data.

what's new

Domino fall ’23 release in depth

Innovate responsibly with AI and GenAI at the speed of business.



Designing a best-in-class MLOps pipeline

Develop, train, validate, and deploy models to production faster.