Domino Data Lab Announces New Partner Network

July 30, 2021

Program expands the reach of enterprise MLOps to help the world’s most impactful companies solve the world’s most important problems using data science

Inaugural members include Accenture, AWS, DataArt, Dell Technologies, MathWorks, NVIDIA, Snowflake, NetApp, and dozens more

SAN FRANCISCO – July 29, 2021 – Domino Data Lab, provider of the leading Enterprise MLOps platform trusted by over 20% of the Fortune 100, today announced the Domino Partner Network (DPN), a rich new ecosystem of technology and services partners designed to empower more organizations to accelerate the delivery of data science and machine learning at scale using Enterprise MLOps.

With DPN, Domino can now orchestrate a complete data science ecosystem, connecting technology and services partners across four categories: Tools & Data, Infrastructure, Solutions, and Implementation & Consulting. For customers, this convergence around Domino’s platform dramatically accelerates their journey towards model-driven decision making, quickly proving value from data science investments.

Building upon the unique openness of Domino’s platform, DPN is designed to unlock channel opportunities for partners. Unique benefits extend beyond reseller discounts and referral fees to first-class, API-based integrations, enterprise-level support, training, and joint marketing opportunities. Partners get access to Domino Beta Programs for insight into new Domino features, as well as a partner advocate devoted to their successful co-development and joint go-to-market efforts. In this way, DPN accelerates joint customers’ journey to model-driven business.

Beyond future-proofing clients’ analytics infrastructure, DPN also enables consultants, system integrators and more to create tailored client offerings based on Domino’s openness and ability to orchestrate data science services. This, paired with Domino’s powerful audit and reproducibility features, means partners can quickly deliver differentiated industry-specific solutions to clients.

“Domino’s data science orchestration abilities allow our data scientists to work in the language they prefer - whether that’s R, Python, SAS, or MATLAB - leveraging the power of NVIDIA accelerated computing to speed model training,” said Sean Otto, Director of Analytics at AES. “We can then push that data back into our Google Cloud Environment, using BigQuery to share model output with business users. Domino’s open platform has enabled us to scale from zero to 50+ deployed models in under two years.”

Freedom to Innovate with Diverse Tools and Infrastructure

DPN Tools & Data partners —including AWS SageMaker, Anaconda, and Snowflake— provide data scientists with the flexibility to use all the most innovative tools and data sources they know and love in Domino’s collaborative environment. Infrastructure partners such as NVIDIA, Dell, VMware, and AWS accelerate the development and delivery of models with MLOps infrastructure automation — removing bottlenecks in the data science lifecycle in partnership with IT.

“Leading companies across all industries rely on NVIDIA DGX™ systems to power AI training, inference, and data science workloads,” said Charlie Boyle, vice president and general manager, DGX systems at NVIDIA. “The Domino platform allows data scientists to orchestrate and optimize utilization of their NVIDIA DGX systems for accelerated data science productivity, all governed within a single environment for easy IT management.”

“Domino’s network of technology partnerships with NVIDIA, Snowflake, and MathWorks are key components to how data science and machine learning solve some of the world’s most difficult problems,” said Nick Elprin, co-founder and CEO at Domino Data Lab. “Our customers have been able to drive up to 100x efficiency gains for their data scientists by streamlining access to infrastructure and tooling - one example of the power of Domino’s ecosystem.

“Our goal with implementation partners is to give them additional resources to scale the pace at which they can help as many of the Global 2000 as possible unleash the power of data science,” added Elprin.

Expert Guidance, Support and Custom Solutions

Implementation and consulting partners like Slalom, Arthur D. Little, DataArt, and Corios support Domino customers from migration to implementation so organizations can experience the full benefits of Domino’s platform, supporting the transformation and adoption of data strategy, analytics and data science across organizations.

“As companies increasingly invest in ML technologies, we help enterprise clients bootstrap capabilities to prove and then scale the benefits of data science,” said Peter Vaihansky, Senior Vice President and Partnership Lead at DataArt. “Our partnership with Domino allows us to quickly prove value for our clients leveraging the latest in data science technologies, enabling more confident, model-driven decisions.”

Solutions partners leverage Domino’s powerful versioning, audit, and reproducibility features in many highly specialized and/or regulated industries. Domino empowers third parties to build custom solutions to address specific industry needs - from managing clinical trials with improved transparency within the Accenture Intient™ product suite, to BioRankings for bioinformatics through a statistical analysis platform for precision medicine and precision agriculture, to model risk management for financial services within the Moody’s Analytics Cap™ solution.

“As an open platform, Domino not only provides access to all the tools data scientists know and love but also the ability for enterprises to future-proof their investments by buying best-in-breed solutions and not having a vendor make the decisions for them,” said Thomas Robinson, vice president of strategic partnerships & initiatives at Domino Data Lab. “Our growing partner ecosystem accelerates the development and delivery of models for our customers, greatly increasing the productivity of data scientists.”

About the Domino Enterprise MLOps Platform

The Domino Enterprise MLOps platform is designed to unleash data science teams. With self-serve access to their preferred tools and compute, automatic reproducibility, and easy ways to manage, develop, deploy, and monitor models, Domino gives superpowers to data scientists. It provides flexibility and freedom for these teams to do what they do best, explore, experiment and solve business problems; rather than constantly troubleshoot technical issues.

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About Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab powers model-driven businesses with its leading Enterprise MLOps platform that accelerates the development and deployment of data science work while increasing collaboration and governance. More than 20 percent of the Fortune 100 count on Domino to help scale data science, turning it into a competitive advantage. Founded in 2013, Domino is backed by Sequoia Capital and other leading investors. For more information, visit

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