Domino Data Lab Champions Expert Data Scientists While Outpacing Walled-Garden Data Science Platforms

May 24, 2019

New updates to Domino’s pioneering open, collaborative data science platform deepen leadership in rapidly developing market

New York, NY — May 23, 2019Domino Data Lab, provider of the industry-leading open data science platform, today announced several advancements to its platform that empower enterprises to manage data science at scale. Across financial services, healthcare, life sciences, and other industries, Domino is empowering organizations to evolve from being simply data-driven to being model-driven.

Domino Co-founder and CEO Nick Elprin explained during today’s second annual Rev Summit in New York City that organizations feeling the urgency to be model-driven must build teams of expert data scientists. These experts must then be empowered with a platform that fosters collaboration and supports openness across tooling, data sources and compute infrastructure. Rev 2 is a two-day conference that offers practical guidance, thought leadership and community-building to data science leaders and teams aspiring to make data science an enterprise-grade capability. Featuring notable speakers from Slack, Netflix, Stitch Fix, The New York Times, and more, Rev 2 is taking place today and tomorrow at the Marriott Marquis in New York City.

At Rev 2, Domino also announced several product enhancements that provide data science teams access to open, flexible infrastructure, empower collaborative model development and provide governance of data science work at scale. Key updates to the platform include:

  • Control Center - Gives data science leaders a new level of visibility into what their growing, distributed teams are working on, providing detailed information on progress and blockers, and providing the insight necessary for decision-making around strategies and priorities.
  • Compute Grid - Provides IT teams with an open, elastic compute grid built on Kubernetes, making it easier to install and administer Domino across on-premises, hybrid or public cloud environments. The Compute Engine provides all the additional functionality - like reproducibility, results capture and log aggregation - to enable Kubernetes to power data science workloads.
  • Collaborative Lab - Enhancements to the Experiment Manager allow data scientists to organize, track, and visualize their experiments as they evolve over the course of their research. The new Activity Feed provides visibility into critical events such as what experiments ran, when colleagues edited their files, and discussion annotating each project.

Domino customers are increasing productivity and seeing faster results. “Domino has given us a platform that’s brought together all of our data scientists, providing not only access to the hardware that they need to do their job but also a place where they can collaborate and work with each other to deliver even better models,” said Heidi Lanford, vice president, Enterprise and Analytics at Red Hat.

Rev 2 attendees were also granted early access to Domino’s new Community Forum. The Domino Community Forum serves as a resource where Domino users and data scientists at large can connect, help one another, and share best practices. In addition, the community provides a new channel for Domino users to submit feature requests and share product feedback with Domino.

Domino helps companies shift their mindset from using data to help inform decisions to using models to test and create predictive analytics. “Companies are either becoming model-driven or they’re going extinct,” said Nick Elprin, Domino’s CEO. “Our mission at Domino is to make the world run on models. This starts with empowering teams of expert data scientists to efficiently work together, providing them with easy access to the tools, data sources and hardware they need. When this happens on an open and collaborative platform that is not tied to a single infrastructure vendor, companies can reap the staggering benefits of being model-driven.”

About Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab provides an open data science platform to help companies run their business on models. Model-driven companies like Allstate, Instacart, Dell, and Bayer use Domino to accelerate breakthrough research, increase collaboration, and rapidly deliver high-impact models. Founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco, Domino is backed by Sequoia Capital, Coatue, Bloomberg Beta, and Zetta Venture Partners. To learn more, visit

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