Build A Winning AI Offense:

C-Level Strategies for an ML-Fueled Revenue Engine

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We commissioned a survey of over 100 Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and Chief Data Analytics Officers (CDAOs) to find out about their concerns and visions for the future. The results may surprise you.

CDOs and CDAOs increasingly see themselves as business value creators. On the other hand, data science budgets remain firmly under IT control, and limited data science platform resources are restricting those opportunities.

Key takeaways:

  1. CDO/CDAOs are shifting focus to business value creation.
  2. Data science budgets remain firmly under IT control.
  3. Limited data science platform resources limit data science.
  4. Governance and responsible AI risks are increasing rapidly.
  5. Companies must deliver ML models rapidly or face existential competitive threats.

As data science continues to play an increasingly critical role in business, organizations that lack urgency and commitment to the people, processes, and infrastructure to support data science will fall behind.

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