Unleash Your Data Science Team

Discover How Turbocharged Data Science Platforms Outperform AutoML

Empower Your Data Science Team & Future-Proof Your Infrastructure Investment

This document offers a glimpse into the potential impact of advanced data science and machine learning operations on organizations looking to do more, including the ability to:

  • Work with big data, any data: Domino makes it easy to access the volume and types of data, including image/video for computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) for generative AI like Chat GPT, and signal processing for IoT
  • Use GPU-accelerated infrastructure: Domino makes it really easy to use and manage GPUs, with self-serve, governed access and autoscaling clusters, support for Spark, Ray, MPI, and Dask, hybrid capabilities, etc.
  • Leverage innovative techniques: As an open platform, Domino allows enterprises to experiment, evaluate and incorporate transfer learning and transformers, N-shot learning, and reinforcement learning.

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