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Attention, CIOs: Do You Know Where Your Data Scientists Are?


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Data science represents the next frontier for the data-driven business. Companies that capitalize on the potential of data science will outcompete their rivals, increase efficiency, and generate new revenue streams. CIOs have an opportunity to provide the infrastructure to help make data science a centralized well-governed organizational capability rather than a “wild west” of siloed people and tools.

Learn more about how to wrangle data science IT, increase data science ROI, and drive faster innovation in this guide.

Highlights include:

  • Data science differs from previous generations of data technologies and learn how this impacts IT teams enabling data science work.
  • Understand and identify the unique challenges that contribute to a “wild west” data science IT environment.
  • Learn how to turn data science IT challenges into opportunities for governance, centralization, and increasing productivity.
  • The importance of stakeholder alignment and which stakeholder benefits support alignment across the business.