Domino for Chief Data & Analytics Executives

Drive Innovation and Competitive Advantage with Data Science
Decrease in model deployment time
Reduction in IT support for data science
Incremental profit within three years
ROI as measured by Forrester Consulting

If you're like most CDOs, CDAOs, and other senior executives, you are increasingly challenged to foster a data culture that creates innovation and competitive advantage. Over 90% of CDOs point to ‘culture’ as the greatest impediment to data and analytics success. Retaining top talent, building customer trust, and accelerating revenue are harder with outdated technology, decisions based solely on intuition, and poorly governed data science.

Why Domino?

Domino scales data science and its value with a centralized, modern platform that data scientists love and IT administrators trust. The result? Data science is unleashed to deliver transformative value across your organization and to your customers.

Modern Platform for Top Talent

Engage your data science experts with the cutting-edge tools and infrastructure they need to do their best work.

Less Risk from Better Compliance

Ensure customer trust and regulatory compliance with consistent processes, centralized infrastructure, and limited access to sensitive data.

Greater Impact from Data Science

Increase the volume and quality of data science models that inform new offerings, improve customer experiences, and increase profit.

542% ROI with Domino. Seriously.

Our customers have generated significant value with Domino. Get the Total Economic Impact study with detailed analysis, customer perspectives, and more to see for yourself.


Building a Winning AI Offense

Learn what CDOs/CDAOs say about:

  • Shifting from defensive to offensive roles
  • Leadership’s expectations vs. resources
  • Overcoming data science talent gaps
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Janssen Boosting Health Outcomes with Data Science

Dr. Najat Khan, Chief Data Science Officer at Janssen, talks about the impact of data science on improving outcomes for patients.

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Accelerating Machine Learning Model Velocity

Learn what you can do to maximize the ROI of machine learning, optimize your data science infrastructure, reduce risk, and become a model-driven business.

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Learn how Domino can unleash innovation in your organization