Monetization and Productization of Data, Insights and Models

Create new insights, products, and services

Data is the heart of insurance and it holds the potential to identify and create new products and services. The key is having a data science team that can quickly and effectively collaborate to innovate and experiment, then quickly productize promising data, models, and processes.

Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform makes it easy for the world’s largest insurers to gain deeper insights and quickly monetize data, models, and processes to create:

  • New digital products
  • New marketplaces
  • New customer segments
  • Cross/upsell improvements
  • Model and data marketplaces
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Why Domino for monetization and productization of data, insights, and models

High-impact models and analysis

Innovate and expand across every line of business to improve competitiveness

Domino helps you increase the volume and effectiveness of the models and analysis supporting every line of business to get to market with new products, services, and offers.


  • Data scientists and analysts easily collaborate to develop a high volume of high-quality models.
  • Innovate with the latest open-source algorithms for deep learning and other advanced AI and machine learning techniques.
  • Attract and retain talent, and upskill teams more effectively with an environment as familiar as their local laptop.
  • One-click access to powerful machines with the most popular distributed frameworks, including Spark, Ray, and Dask, and GPUs, accelerates training workloads.

Streamlined access to data

Easy access to data without compromising security and governance

With Domino, you can easily work with and share data while complying with IT protocols, data security, and governance policies.


  • Centrally establish connections to data wherever it lives.
  • Share data across teams without making copies.
  • Provide data context and metadata in a unified manner within and across departments or LOBs.
  • Maintain strict governance and control over sensitive data.
  • Effectively manage data with integrated version control.
  • Integrate with established company SSO and LDAP solutions.

Reproducible analysis and models

Easily reproduce and validate work, improving productivity

Domino lets data scientists and model validators instantly recreate the environment used to build a model or analysis.


  • Easily validate model results prior to deployment.
  • Reproduce any model with just a few clicks, regardless of the language used to create it.
  • Improve data scientist and analyst productivity by automating the capture of all model assets.

Increased model velocity

Streamline and standardize data science processes while mitigating risks

With Domino, data scientists can develop, deploy, monitor, and manage models – all from a single platform. Models get into production faster with consistent deployment practices to rapidly respond to business needs, increase impact, and mitigate risks.


  • Get models into production faster with consistent model deployment best practices and processes.
  • Monitor models for data drift, quality, and other critical health statistics
  • Iterate quickly (and often) to maintain high-performing production models to mitigate risks and losses.
  • Integrate with Git and Jira to include data science into broader enterprise project processes.

Case Study

Pushing the Pedal in a Conservative Industry

Learn how Allstate is able to quickly innovate while strengthening governance and regulatory compliance.

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