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Caroline Phares

Caroline Phares is the Global Head of Health and Life Sciences at Domino Data Lab. Before coming to Domino, she served as Product Director, Quantitative Decision Making at GSK.


GSK on How to Modernize Clinical Trial Analytics & Reporting to Accelerate Innovation

In a never-ending quest to accelerate innovation, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies around the world have been working to modernize their statistical computing environments, streamline clinical trials, and handle the required analytics and reporting.

By Caroline Phares7 min read

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Moving Faster: How Can a Modern Statistical Computing Environment Promote Innovation and Accelerate Clinical Trials?

Will the adoption of new tools and methodologies promote greater innovation and quicker development of new therapies for patients in need? That is a possible result of the FDA’s growing acceptance of the use of the R programming language in the statistical analysis and reporting for clinical trial submissions, which has long been the nearly exclusive province of SAS.

By Caroline Phares5 min read

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