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23 Visualizations and When to Use Them

Sheila Doshi2016-12-03 | 1 min read

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This talk was presented live at PLOTCON 2016 in NYC on November 18, 2016.

Scatterplot or bubble chart – what visualization makes the most sense for your data? In this presentation, Eduardo Ariño de la Rubia, Chief Data Scientist at Domino Data Lab takes us on a journey through 23 different visualizations and discusses the tradeoffs and scenarios in which they are the most relevant.

Tune in to:

  • Learn how much code it takes to generate these visualizations using a number of popular data visualization libraries;
  • Get a tour of different ways to visualize 7 types of data, from change and distribution to relationship and composition;
  • See which visualizations should rarely be used, and pitfalls of some attractive but less interpretable designs.

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