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Responsible AI

Navigating the EU AI Act: Strategies for compliance and business growth

For multinational enterprises, compliance with the AI Act is not just a legal requirement, but also an opportunity to drive business transformation by fostering safer, governed, and more responsible AI.

By Leila Nouri5 min read

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Data Science Platform

AI Costs Keeping You Up at Night? It's time for Domino

AI costs rise with data & infrastructure needs. Domino's guide offers advice on cost controls, productivity, governance & risk - to save you money.

By Yuval Zukerman4 min read

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Cost-Effective Data Science

Domino’s New Cost Governance Capabilities for AI Drive Accountability, Visibility & Savings

Controlling and tracking AI, data science and related compute costs are often manual and error prone, and require tagging specific infrastructure to distributed IT workloads. provides the governance guardrails necessary to reduce and control infrastructure costs, including expensive high-performance compute (e.g. GPUs) resources.

By Nikhil Jethava6 min read

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The Case for Reproducible Data Science

Reproducibility is a cornerstone of the scientific method and ensures that tests and experiments can be reproduced by different teams using the same method. In the context of data science, reproducibility means that everything needed to recreate the model and its results such as data, tools, libraries, frameworks, programming languages and operating systems, have been captured, so with little effort the identical results are produced regardless of how much time has passed since the original project.

By Sundeep Teki8 min read

Data Science

Providing fine-grained, trusted access to enterprise datasets with Okera and Domino

Domino and Okera - Provide data scientists access to trusted datasets within reproducible and instantly provisioned computational environments.

By David Bloch8 min read

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