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Data Science

Reproducible Dashboards and Other Great Things to do with Jupyter

Mac Rogers, Research Engineer at Domino, presented best practices for creating Jupyter dashboards at a recent Domino Data Science Pop-Up.

By Domino26 min read

Data Science

Advice for Aspiring Chief Data Scientists: The Mindset You Need to Have

Nick Kolegraff is the founder of Whiteboard, a strategic innovation company focused on machine learning and AI. Previously, Kolegraff was the Chief Data Scientist at Rackspace and a Principal Data Scientist at Accenture. As a part of Domino’s “Data Science Leaders at Work” guest blogger series, Kolegraff provides advice for data scientists and data science managers to consider when, or if, they decide to take a “chief data scientist” role. This advice includes insights on the mindset you need to have, the types of problems you need to solve, and the people you need to hire. There are three posts total. This post focuses on the mindset you need to have to be a “Chief Data Scientist”.

By Domino8 min read

Data Science

Answering Questions About Model Delivery on AWS at Strata

This post is a recap of the common questions Domino answered in the booth at Strata New York. We answered questions about access to EC2 machines, managing environments, and model delivery.

By Domino Data Lab7 min read

Data Science

What Your CIO Needs to Know about Data Science

What would you rather be doing? Data science or DevOps?

By Domino4 min read

Data Science

Domino now supports JupyterLab — and so much more

You can now run JupyterLab in Domino, using a new Domino feature that lets data scientists specify any web-based tools they want to run on top of the Domino platform.

By Domino6 min read

Data Science

Data Scientists are Analysts are Software Engineers

In this Data Science Popup session, W. Whipple Neely, Director of Data Science at Electronic Arts, explains why data scientists have responsibilities beyond just data science.

By Grigoriy29 min read

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