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Scaling Machine Learning to Modern Demands

This is a Data Science Popup session by Hristo Spassimirov Paskov, Founder & CEO of ThinkFast.

By Grigoriy34 min read

Data Science

Data Scientists are Analysts are Software Engineers

In this Data Science Popup session, W. Whipple Neely, Director of Data Science at Electronic Arts, explains why data scientists have responsibilities beyond just data science.

By Grigoriy29 min read

Data Science

Succeeding with Alternative Data and Machine Learning

Perhaps the biggest insight in feature engineering in the last decade was the realization that you could predict a person's behavior by understanding the behavior of their social network. This use of non-traditional social data has driven a significant amount of economic growth as it revolutionized the accuracy and applicability of models.

By Grigoriy50 min read

Data Science

'Lean' Data Science

In this Data Science Popup session, Noelle Sio, Principal Data Scientist at Pivotal, explains how to apply Lean methodology to data science.

By Grigoriy30 min read


Building a Model is the Least Important Part of Your Job

In this Data Science Popup session, Kimberly Shenk, Director of Data Science Solutions at Domino Data Lab, explains why building models is the least important part of data scientists' jobs, and what they must focus on instead.

By Grigoriy42 min read

Data Science

AI in the Enterprise: Making Corporations Smart Again

In this Data Science Popup session, Danny Lange, VP of AI and Machine Learning at Unity Technologies, gives an inside look at practical applications and challenges of AI in enterprises such as Unity, Netflix, Uber, and elsewhere.

By Grigoriy36 min read

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