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Mission-driven AI. Secure & governed.

Domino’s Enterprise AI and MLOps Platform helps government agencies integrate AI into their missions rapidly, safely and cost-effectively.

Domino makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage AI at scale, on a unified platform. Data scientists, contractors and collaborators can access on-demand compute infrastructure and commercial and open source data, tools, models, and projects—across any on-prem, GovCloud and hybrid/multi-cloud environments. With Domino, agencies can improve collaboration and governance, while establishing AI standards and best practices that accelerate their missions.

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Lack of Collaboration & Portability

Agencies need to secure the IP their contractors create in order to reuse, evolve and maintain their models over time. They also need to enable collaboration across contractors, users and datasets, and give contractors access to their preferred tools.

Model Management

Model management lacks standardization and governance guardrails, and a lack of model monitoring results in model drift, and risk. Backlogs also result when models are not centrally discoverable, making reuse and reproducibility challenging.

Inflexible Infrastructure

Building and managing AI infrastructure is time-consuming, and rarely future-proof. Agencies need to access the latest computational infrastructure to scale and innovate - without overhauling on-prem investments, moving sensitive data, or vendor lock-in.

AI is Risky

Making AI a trustworthy tool for decision-making requires traceability to ensure accountability, observability to remove model biases and limitations, and enterprise-grade governance so models are responsibly built from day one.

Benefits of Domino

Secure IP & Collaboration

Domino makes AI workloads 100% portable by allowing teams to rapidly onboard users and contractors, share data and models centrally, and access their preferred tools without having to learn new ones (e.g. IDEs). And agencies automatically retain model lineage with automatic versioning of code, data, models and environments - regardless of who created the model and when. This helps agencies secure IP, replicate experiments, and reuse models with ease.

Automation & Standardization

Domino’s model factory eliminates backlogs by automating model governance, validation, production, monitoring and performance tracking. And Domino centralizes AI workflows, so agencies always know which models are being consumed so they can stay aligned with sponsors and measure impact.

Flexible Infrastructure

Domino lets agencies run AI workloads anywhere and access any data source — on-prem, cloud, or hybrid/multi-cloud — for peak performance, cost savings and compliance with data locality requirements. Domino can be hosted anywhere to keep IP safe in your air-gapped environment or VPC.

Responsible & Trustworthy AI

Domino Model Sentry puts responsible AI into practice by ensuring safe AI production and operations, foundation models that improve accuracy and reduce risk, and automation and pre-tested templates that standardize workflows and enforce best practices.

Security & Compliance

Your agency’s data, models, and IP are its most valuable assets. That’s why security is Domino’s first priority. Domino’s hardened cloud-native Kubernetes-based solution is designed to deliver agility while minimizing your threat surface. 

Domino Cloud–our private and dedicated SaaS–takes the manual work out of compliance by continuously monitoring all of your models and data, so all code, datasets, models, environments and results (and versions) are centrally discoverable and traceable for audits.

Domino is deployed in a DoD IL5 environment, and is deployed into Iron Bank. Domino is also ISO 27001:2013, SOC2, GDPR, and HIPAA certified. Domino supports customer compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, EudraLex Annex 11, and WHO Annex 5 requirements. Learn more.

Read the Domino Cloud Security Overview (PDF)

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Who We Serve

Domino serves the data scientists and IT and data science leaders in 13+ government entities and agencies spanning:

  • National Security
  • Defense
  • Civilian
  • Public Safety
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Government-Sponsored Enterprises
  • University-affiliated Research Centers
  • Government Contractors

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Flexibility for Data Scientists, Control for IT

Domino’s platform is designed for data scientists, data science and program executives, and IT leaders.

The Domino platform helps data science and program executives scale how they manage teams and projects, collaborate, and accelerate project delivery. Domino is proven to reduce end-to-end model lifecycle time by 50%, and model deployment time by 80%. Learn more

Domino also gives code-first data scientists and researchers the flexibility and freedom to support what they do best — solve problems without technical hurdles.

In addition, IT leaders benefit from Domino, with a single platform that delivers self-service access to tools and infrastructure that are secure and compliant.

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