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Data Science Leaders

A podcast for data science teams tackling the world's most important challenges.

Data Science Leaders

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About the Show

Data Science Leaders is a podcast for data science teams that are pushing the limits of what machine learning models can do at the world’s most impactful companies.

In each episode, host Kjell Carlsson interviews a leader in data science. We’ll discuss how to build and enable data science teams, create scalable processes, collaborate cross-functionality, communicate with business stakeholders, and more.

Our conversations will be full of real stories, breakthrough strategies, and critical insights—all data points to build your own model for enterprise data science success.

Kjell Carlsson

Host, Data Science Leaders

Recent episodes

Gary Barr

Global Chief Data Officer at Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)

EPISODE 60November 23, 2023

CDOs: Changing the Operating Model for Data & AI Transformation

Listen Now | 38:56

Stephen Kosslyn

President of Active Learning Sciences and Founder and Chief Academic Officer of Foundry College

EPISODE 59November 09, 2023

Transforming Education with Generative AI and Active Learning

Listen Now | 41:26

Chris Lauren

SVP of Product at Domino Data Lab

EPISODE 58October 26, 2023

Lessons from the First GenAI Killer App

Listen Now | 45:36

Jan Zirnstein

Senior Data Science Director at Honeywell

EPISODE 57October 12, 2023

Honeywell: Delivering on the Power of Outlier Detection

Listen Now | 16:10

Ron Potok

Head of Data Science at Clarity AI

EPISODE 56September 29, 2023

Making Better Sustainability Decisions with AI

Listen Now | 11:17

Gregory Zuckerman

Special Writer at the Wall Street Journal

EPISODE 55September 15, 2023

Celebrity Guest Gregory Zuckerman: Trusting AI to Make the Decisions

Listen Now | 12:09

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy

Managing Director, Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist

EPISODE 54August 31, 2023

Solving the AI Talent Gap: Upskilling at Scale at Halliburton

Listen Now | 45:13

Jen Stave & Catherine Feldman

Harvard D^3 Institute

EPISODE 53August 17, 2023

The AI Innovator’s Dilemma: Insights from Harvard’s D^3 Institute

Listen Now | 29:00

Rowan Curran

Analyst, Forrester

EPISODE 52August 03, 2023

Get The Most Out of Generative AI

Listen Now | 1:18:28

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