Lower AI Costs with Domino FinOps

Track and reduce AI spending with granular visibility and proactive controls.

Boost AI ROI with a Comprehensive FinOps Solution

Optimize Compute Utilization

Reduce compute costs with smart resource utilization. Tap cheaper on-prem capacity or on any cloud and avoid AI markups.

Track Costs Automatically

Automatically track and aggregate spending by user, project, cluster, hardware tier or any dimension, and simplify chargebacks.

Proactively Control Budgets

Set budget limits and alerts for projects and teams to prevent overspending before it happens.

Improve ROI

Use data-driven insights and get granular visibility to improve decisions and long-term investments.

Key Capabilities

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Intelligent Cost Controls

Optimize infrastructure utilization and save

Hardware Tiers: Optimize infrastructure utilization and spending by limiting users to preset hardware tiers.

On-Demand Workspaces with Auto-Shutdown: Minimize idle infrastructure with on-demand workspaces with auto-shutdown and auto-pausing.

Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Flexibility: Use the lowest cost compute on-premises and share compute prices with users to empower them to save.

Storage Quotas: Set storage quotas to limit duplicate or abandoned data unnecessarily stored in multiple locations.

Auto-Scaling Clusters: Scale up compute power so priority work executes faster.

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Cost Tracking & Allocation

Gain visibility into all expenses

Track and control AI infrastructure spending and save without manually tagging all infrastructure assets or reconciling cloud bills. Obtain critical insights into compute and storage spending by users, projects, organizations, compute clusters, and any dimension through clear and accurate cost breakdowns.

Track and Attribute spending

Budgets & Alerting

Proactively control spending

Configure and manage team budgets and set budget alerts. Budget alerts quickly catch cost overruns before they happen.

Cost Allocations

Support chargeback policies

Tie infrastructure utilization directly to teams. Track expenditures across multiple cloud bills and institute chargebacks based on corporate spending attribution policies.


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Smarter Savings on your AI

Cut Costs, Not Innovation

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In less than a year, customers are ahead on their investment.

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