Generative AI for the Enterprise: Fast, Safe, and Economical

Make Generative AI Work for You: Accelerate and Transform

Generative AI: Not the same AI

Generative AI is everywhere and transforming organizations. Data science and ML teams need new skills and easy access to cutting-edge tools. Generative AI operates at an extreme scale and high cost. It introduces unprecedented risks. And organizations must demonstrate ROI.

Expert Strategies for Adopting Generative AI


Achieving Competitive Advantage with Generative AI

Goldman Sachs CTO Marco Argenti talks about Generative AI’s strengths and how human fits into the mix of generative and traditional AI models.

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Shatter the Myths of Generative AI

Watch Forrester’s Rowan Curran and Domino’s Kjell Carlsson debunk GenAI myths and discuss how to deliver transformative outcomes.

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Set Yourself Up for Gen AI Success with “Low Hanging” Use Cases

Gain positive momentum and successfully transition from GenAI PoC to an operationalized model with the help of our guide.

Domino for Generative AI

Domino provides versatile, enterprise-grade tools for building and productizing Generative AI — wherever you are in your AI journey.

Prompt Engineering

Use any generative AI service securely. Create standalone applications or integrate your ‘traditional’ models with the best out-of-the box LLMs and beyond.

Model Fine-Tuning

Privately train and fine-tune the best commercial and open source models with your proprietary data - on-prem, cloud, or in hybrid environments.

Build and Host Your Own Model

Create bespoke generative models with your data, and manage the lifecycle end-to-end with complete governance and cost controls.

Supercharge Prompts with Your Data

  • Instantly connect to any new generative AI service.
  • Integrate, enhance, and reuse existing models with generative AI service prompts.
  • Securely assemble corporate data into searchable vector databases.
  • Use Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and embed vector data to enhance prompts.
  • Automate updates to vector embeddings with Domino jobs.
  • Boost productivity with generative code assistants like GitHub Copilot or Jupyter AI
  • Build apps with Domino’s App framework and model APIs.

Fine-Tune Models to Your Specific Task

  • Easily discover curated foundation models in Domino’s AI Hub or pick your own.
  • Access scalable compute clusters like Ray, Dask, MPI and Spark with a single click.
  • Automatically generate fine-tuning code for your data with Domino Code Assist.
  • Jumpstart your work with pre-built projects for use cases such as chatbots, assistants and more.
  • Automate hyperparameter tuning with built-in RayTune integration.

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Build and Host Custom Generative AI Models

  • Pre-Train Generative AI models from the ground up and maintain control over data quality and lineage.
  • Spin up a complete Generative AI and Large Language Model development environment — including tools like LangChain, popular frameworks, vector databases and GPUs — with a few clicks.
  • Design your own model architecture to build NLP, computer vision, audio, or multimodal models and applications.
  • Build an interactive web application using Domino’s App serving constructs which support frameworks like Streamlit and Flask.
  • Easily add custom parameters/guardrails to ensure responsible deployment of Generative AI models and applications.
  • Host and share your generative models with other apps as Model APIs

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Generative AI Done Responsibly

Develop Generative AI with Confidence — Complete Model Governance Framework

  • Centralized model registry with complete lineage tracking and auditability with automated model cards.
  • Review and approval workflows to ensure models are accurate, fair and compliant.
  • Model staging facilitates detailed approval workflow with automated model deployment across environments and Nexus data planes.

Generative AI Done Economically

Monitor Costs and Avoid Unwelcome Surprises

  • Control compute and storage costs with Domino Cost Center. Get comprehensive cost analysis, spend tracking and controlling, project allocations and budgeting, and billing alerts.
  • Reduce spend using container cost optimization, intelligent workspace sizing, data storage limits, auto-shutdown, and auto-scaling.
  • Bend the Generative AI cost curve as you scale with operational savings, efficiencies, and productivity gains.
  • Learn more about cost management in Domino.
  • Watch Smarter Savings on Generative AI: Cut Costs, Not Innovation - Domino's webinar with NVIDIA and CapGemini.

Kickstart your GenAI Development with Sprint Zero

Sprint Zero is Domino's resource library for hands-on developers. Code. Webinars. Ideas. It all starts here.

Executive Resources

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Generative AI must be Responsible AI

Generative AI comes with great powers and considerable risk. Learn how to get the most out of the technology from our whitepaper.

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Conference Talk

Bridging MLOps and LLMOps

Explore enterprise GenAI integration challenges and how Domino helps operationalize LLMs responsibly.

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Blog Post

Domino customers can now leverage NVIDIA pre-trained foundation models.

Domino customers now have more options to leverage pre-trained foundation models from NVIDIA.

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Get the Most Out of Generative AI

Watch Forrester’s Rowan Curran and Domino’s Kjell Carlsson discuss generative AI strategies that actually work.

See for yourself how Domino can help you harness the power of GenAI at scale.