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The Domino guide to low-hanging generative AI projects

The top 5 paths to rapid impact with generative AI

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If you are among the many testing the waters with Generative AI, it's time to decide on your next move. Go from Gen AI PoC to impact and avoid the pitfalls of aiming too high, too soon, and crushing hopes. Get clear, concise ideas with Domino's Guide to Low-Hanging Generative AI Projects.

Key takeaways:

  1. Focus on Quick Wins: Prioritize Gen AI projects for swift, reliable business impact.
  2. Top 5 Low-Hanging Projects: First Draft Generator, Information Summarizer, Customer Listener, Data Synthesizer, and App Enhancer.
  3. Learn the Successful GenAI Project Traits: Key traits include adopting an incremental approach, a narrow and focused scope, a humane trustworthy interface and more.