Build and Operate Generative AI Cost-Effectively

Lower compute costs and boost data science productivity. Domino delivers 722% proven ROI.

Enterprise Data Science and AI at Scale

Strategies to Drive Value from AI Investments

Smarter Savings on Generative AI

Fireside chat co-hosted by NVIDIA, Capgemini, & Domino on cutting costs, not innovation

Triple-digit ROI with Domino

TEI Report: Forrester conducted detailed interviews with Domino customers to gain insight into the benefits they’re receiving

Unlock the Full Potential of AI & Slash Costs with Domino

Domino pays for itself by shrinking IT infrastructure and cloud costs by up to 40%

Optimize resource utilization and reduce waste with intelligent monitoring and controls.

  • Intelligent workspace sizing
  • On-demand workspaces with auto-shutdown
  • Auto-scaling clusters
  • Hardware limits
  • Storage quotas and alerts
  • Flexible hybrid and multi-cloud architecture
  • Granular and precise billing reports

Turn data science into a profit center by delivering 2x the models you do today

Easily reuse and reproduce work, and improve model accuracy with automated code, tracking, workflows and templates.

  • Code Assist
  • AI Hub templates
  • Model registry
  • Model review
  • Turnkey model monitoring with drift detection
  • Centrally-stored data and code

Boost data scientist productivity & eliminate the IT lift

Eliminate IT wait times and support costs with self-serve tools and on-demand infrastructure on one unified platform.

  • Automated DevOps
  • Unified platform consolidates stacks (Python, R, Spark, etc)
  • Self-serve access to tools and IDEs
  • On-demand infrastructure
  • Flexible hybrid and multi-cloud architecture
  • Comprehensive governance capabilities

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$20M generated in annual cost savings

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80% less model deployment time

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$100M in NPV generated in three years

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How to Plug AI’s Silent Drain & Deliver 722% ROI

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