Domino enterprise AI platform

Unified platform to orchestrate and scale AI
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New! Domino Flows — Complex AI workflows made simple

The Domino advantage


Open & extensible

Access the broadest ecosystem of open-source and commercial tools and infrastructure, support your existing stack, and be future-proof.

Comprehensive reproducibility

Automatic versioning of code, data, environments, and results for complete reproducibility, best practices, and compliance.

Compounded knowledge

Share knowledge and projects across teams and over time, fostering best practices, collaboration, and efficiency.

Hybrid & multicloud

Run AI workloads close to your data anywhere — on-premises, hybrid, any cloud or multicloud — for lower costs, optimal performance, and compliance.

Build and deploy

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Instantly access your favorite tools and compute

Domino provides data science teams instant access to compute, data, and your favorite open source or commercial tools. Data scientists can focus on creating value, while IT maintains control over software, infrastructure, and enterprise standards.

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Securely access, explore, and transform your data anywhere

Data engineers and data scientists can work with any data, anywhere — in any cloud, or on-prem — instantly. Cleanse, explore, visualize, and transform your data. Build robust features, embeddings, and high-quality datasets to train and tune predictive and generative AI with your structured or unstructured data.

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Quickly train, tune and develop

Develop AI applications seamlessly and train predictive models through code-first or low-code methods. Fine-tune foundation models quickly. Optimize training using cutting-edge hyperparameter tuning and scalable distributed processing. Manage experiments, compare models, and achieve peak model performance.

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Deploy and manage models & apps with confidence

Deploy on Domino, third-party platforms, or export to existing CI/CD pipelines and more. Publish and host apps like R Shiny, Dash, and Streamlit. Monitor your models wherever they run. Automate monitoring to detect drift and quickly resolve issues. Ensure AI scales to meet peak demand and automatically analyze metrics for continuous improvement.

Govern and manage

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Make AI responsible by default

Domino offers a comprehensive framework for developing, evaluating, and deploying trustworthy AI solutions. Domino provides enterprises with the tools to ensure accuracy, transparency, and accountability across the model lifecycle.

Cost analysis


Optimize and lower costs with proactive FinOps

Domino helps optimize and reduce IT and cloud expenses by maximizing resource efficiency through smart monitoring and controls. Gain insights with granular billing reports for precise financial management. Set budget limits and automated alerts for proactive cost management.

Accelerate your AI and GenAI projects

AI Hub

Jumpstart AI with pre-built solutions

Accelerate AI and GenAI development for common use cases and applications with pre-packaged, customizable templates from Domino and partners like NVIDIA, AWS, and more.


Accelerate from pilots to production

Move GenAI from pilot to production faster. Supercharge prompts with your data, fine-tune models to your specific task, and build and host custom GenAI models.

Flexible deployment, built for scale


Flexible deployment


Get started on the Domino platform in hours — not days. Fully managed for you, Domino's single-tenant, private SaaS isolates your resources while lowering TCO with zero administration burdens.

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Maintain complete control when you deploy in a VPC — Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or on-premises — leveraging container technologies to maintain full portability, control over performance, data security, and access.

Hybrid multicloud

Run AI workloads anywhere — hybrid cloud, multiple clouds like AWS, Azure, and GCP, in any region — to lower costs, optimize performance and keep data where it resides for compliance.
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Scalable, extensible architecture

Designed for scale

Open by design, Domino runs in a Kubernetes cluster for scale-out performance and readily integrates with your stack. Domino’s API framework delivers full extensibility.

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Security & compliance

Best-in-class enterprise security and compliance integrated with your existing SSO. Domino holds SOC2 Type 2, GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO 2701 certifications for compliance.

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Dive deeper with Domino

Get started with Domino’s GenAI Resource Center. All the resources you need to start and stay ahead from prompt engineering to fine tuning and hosting LLMs on Domino. Dive in!

What's new

Domino fall ’23 release in depth

Innovate responsibly with AI and GenAI at the speed of business.


New! Domino AutoML

Domino's integrated AutoML offers scalable, reproducible and flexible solutions.


Definitive guide to cost-effective AI

Actionable steps to shrink AI costs by 40%.


Overcome LLM fine-tuning challenges

Use quantization and LoRA to deliver LLM power with less.