Domino Platform

Unified Data Science and Analytics

Accelerate AI impact, boost team productivity, reduce risk, and minimize cost
Red Hat

Built for Speed, Scale, and Trust

Use your preferred tools and all of your data, train and deploy models easily anywhere and any way, and manage risk and cost effectively - all from one control center.

Self-Serve AI Infrastructure

Accelerate value from AI.  Use on-demand, auto-scaling clusters and state-of-the-art tools. Simplify  management with a unified platform. Get better models into production faster.

Collaborative Workbench

Unleash your team's full potential. Empower your teams with integrated tools and collaboration to scale insights across the enterprise.

Integrated MLOps

Operationalize AI at scale quickly and safely across the whole model lifecycle - develop, deploy, monitor, and manage - with the security and oversight you need.

Scale data science with Domino

Self-serve AI infrastructure

Innovate faster and reduce cost with instant access to managed infrastructure

  • On-demand access to powerful CPUs and GPUs in any cloud or on-premises
  • Auto-scaling, integrated compute clusters (Spark, Ray, Dask, and more) enable large scale distributed data prep and model training
  • Eliminate data silos while promoting discoverability in a unified platform
  • Control compute resources and manage access to approved software images for cost and security
Screenshots showing self-serve deployment

Collaborative Data Science Workbench

Speed up model development with self-serve development environments, collaboration and reproducibility

  • Self-serve development environments for data scientists to access the compute, data, and software they need increase productivity and accelerate innovation
  • Unified portal to access your favorite tools like Jupyter, JupyterLab, RStudio, SAS or MATLAB to streamline infrastructure and lower cost of data science
  • Automatic reproducibility of work increases collaboration and reuse, while reducing regulatory and compliance risks
  • Get started with projects quickly by finding and reusing past work in an easily reproducible way to scale your talent including data analysts
  • Accelerate the model development and experimentation process with integrated best-of-breed ML tools including MLFlow for experiment/model management and Feast for storing and reusing features
Screebshot showing how to productionize data science projects with Domino.

MLOps: Deploy, Monitor and Manage Models

Accelerate time to value from AI by quickly and safely productionizing data science projects

  • Deploy models as real-time or batch APIs for inference, scoring, and recommendation
  • Empower and engage non-technical stakeholders by deploying interactive apps and dashboards using R Shiny, Dash, or other popular app frameworks
  • Integrated Model Monitoring automatically monitors models for drift, and enables one-click re-creation of model materials if you need to tune or investigate drift
faster model deployment
shorter model lifecycle
faster onboarding

All users benefit from Domino

Data Science Leaders

Teams can find and reproduce work to maximize productivity. You can manage work and standardize processes to rapidly deliver business value.

Data Scientists

Self-serve access to your preferred tools and infrastructure lets you develop and deploy models faster.

IT Leaders

Support data science while increasing governance and reducing the cost of supporting data science infrastructure.

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