Open Ecosystem

Harness AI Innovation for Competitive Advantage

An open, pluggable architecture which enables customers and partners to bring their preferred tools, data, and infrastructure — on-prem or any cloud — to a unified platform

Open Platform

Domino is an open, "pluggable" enterprise platform for data science, machine learning, and AI research.

Optimize Tools and Infrastruture

Domino works with industry-leading tools and technologies to accelerate AI development.

Innovate Rapidly

Stay ahead of rapid AI and GenAI innovations from the open-source community and commercial partners in the AI ecosystem.

Future-Proof AI

Embrace future innovations in data, languages, IDEs software packages, and compute infrastructure.

Generative AI logos

Generative AI

Build and scale generative AI applications with the latest, leading-edge technologies. Leverage APIs, vector databases, orchestration frameworks, and more from open-source and commercial offerings in Domino AI Hub.

Programming Languages and IDEs logos

Any Languages or IDE

Domino is a flexible and extensible development environment. Choose any notebook. Code using your favorite open-source or commercial programming language. Leverage open-source and commercial tooling. Work in your preferred integrated development environment. And easily add your favorite tools with Domino's "pluggable" platform.

Software and Packages logos

Software and Packages

Build and manage AI using your favorite packages and software to tackle any use case or application. At any stage in the AI development lifecycle, you can choose preferred packages, publishing frameworks, and integrated software solutions.

Data Platforms logos

Data Platforms

Ensure robust, AI-ready datasets for training and fine-tuning. Securely connect to any source, including data warehouses, data lakes, databases, file stores, and more in the cloud, on-prem, or both. Minimize data movement and federate queries across regions while complying with data residency requirements.

Compute Infrastructure and Frameworks logos

Compute Infrastructure and Frameworks

Domino is cloud-agnostic and supports hybrid and multi-cloud deployments in any region. You can run workloads on your choice of compute clusters. Leverage leading distributed compute frameworks, deployment infrastructure, and hardware, including CPUs and GPUs.