Domino for manufacturing

Optimize supply chain, pricing, proactive maintenance and other key business functions

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Unstructured data

Data from manufacturing facilities isn't always in a readily available digital format, which makes accessing the data a challenge.

Lack of proven ROI

Manufacturing use cases are not as obvious and straightforward as those of digital native companies.

Technical implementation

Adoption is challenging due to the complexity of the operations and the network of people, machinery, regulations and logistics involved.

Benefits for manufacturing companies

Predictive analytics

Develop predictive and prescriptive models to anticipate demand for different parts and services, identify customer churn risks, optimize marketing spend, prices and promotions.

Leverage IoT data

Collect, process and analyze IoT data from smart devices in the manufacturing process. Connect and transform data from a variety of raw data sources and build models to identify issues and opportunities.

Connected supply chain

Instrument your supply chain with models built using modern data architecture, flexible open source tools and elastic compute, so you can incorporate real-time data sources such as sensors, GPS and RFID tags.

Trusted throughout the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing leaders in automotive, electronics, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, engineering, aerospace and defense run on Domino. Domino provides data scientists with easy access to different data sources, the tools they prefer and elastic compute. Data scientists can collaborate using Domino, deploy and share models with manufacturing managers, build visualizations and reproduce past experiments.

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