AI Workbench

Build innovative AI solutions in a collaborative development environment

Boost Data Science Productivity

Eliminate tedious DevOps tasks with self-serve infrastructure, automate development with coding assistants and AutoML and more.

Accelerate AI

Jumpstart data science with pre-built solutions for AI and GenAI use cases with AI Hub and project templates. Discover and reuse data, code, features and more.

Upskill Your Teams

Collaborate with low code approaches and wizards that automate data science tasks to build diverse teams across a range of skills.

Foster Best Practices

Avoid re-inventing the wheel with complete project reproducibility. Easily curate, discover, and reuse your team's best work.

Train and Tune AI


Jumpstart AI Development

Quickly organize projects and leverage best practices. AI Hub accelerates AI applications from project templates - prebuilt solutions curated from the best open source. A template defines all needed resources to jumpstart a project, state-of-the-art models, source code, environments, recommended infrastructure, and automation.

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One-click access to everything you need

Domino offers one-click access to your preferred tools, languages, packages, and development environments such as Jupyter, JupyterLab, RStudio, SAS, VSCode, and MATLAB.

Easily access self-serve infrastructure, distributed compute clusters, CPUs, and GPUs that allow your team to focus on creating value instead of managing infrastructure.

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Integrated Coding Assistants

Turbocharge Data Science Productivity

Domino provides a choice of coding assistants that allow data scientists to automate and accelerate development tasks. You can generate, debug, and explain code using Domino Code Assist and popular tools like Jupyter AI and GitHub Copilot. Easily generate fine-tuning code and access the most popular foundation models right where you work.


Automate Training and Tuning

Quickly find your best-performing models at the lowest cost with integrated AutoML. Save time and expense, automate training, and optimize for the best results with full code transparency, customizability, and reproducibility. Automate hyperparameter tuning at scale for predictive models and LLMs with automatically generated code and distributed processing using cutting-edge libraries such as RayTune.

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Experiment Manager

Track, Evaluate, and Optimize Experiments

Domino's scalable experiment management allows easy monitoring of training metrics with advanced reporting. It features automated insights for model training in popular ML frameworks and best-in-class open-source tools. Enhance collaboration with integrated search, experiment comparison, and team discussions.


Analyze, Visualize and Transform Data

With Domino, you can access, explore, analyze, and transform data. Automatically generate code for visualizations, dashboards, and more. Apply transformations such as filter, join, group, and aggregate data to create features rapidly. Share and reuse features from the Domino Feature Store.


Share Knowledge and Best Practices

Invite collaborators to your projects to share knowledge and best practices and to review work. Accelerate collaboration between scientists and non-technical stakeholders. Get started quickly on new projects with reusable templates or clone existing projects. Share a single definition of the truth for computing complex ML features with an integrated feature store. Built-in git integration and threaded discussions enable seamless collaboration.


Quickly Replicate and Validate Experiments

The Domino Reproducibility Engine (DRE) automatically tracks and versions all data, code, development environments, models, results and more — for complete reproducibility. Rediscover and reuse past work effortlessly. Easily troubleshoot issues and ensure reproducibility for audit purposes.


Efficiently Organize, Share and Standardize Your Work

Organize your data science and analytics work with Domino Projects. Projects provide a flexible and organized structure for your code, data, and artifacts. Use project templates to increase consistency, collaboration, and adherence to best practices.



New! Domino AutoML

Domino's integrated AutoML offers scalable, reproducible, & flexible solutions.



Fine-tuning LLMs to Break Barriers

Techniques with Falcon-7B, Falcon 40B, and GPT-J-6B

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Pump Up Data Science Productivity

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