Accelerate Your Enterprise AI Journey with the AI Hub

Jumpstart your Generative AI and traditional AI projects with prebuilt templates for common AI use cases and applications

Accelerate AI Development

Domino AI Hub is a built-in repository of curated AI projects that help teams jumpstart AI development for common use cases out-of-the-box. It includes curated and fully customizable projects contributed by Domino and leading partners, and also allows you to customize and share templates across the organization.

Jumpstart AI Projects

AI Project Templates

Jumpstart AI Projects

Jumpstart AI development with pre-packaged project templates for developing predictive models, natural language, computer vision, and generative AI applications. Enterprises can also create and share standardized projects securely across the organization.

Embrace AI Innovation

Plug into the Domino Partner Ecosystem

The Domino AI Hub enables enterprises to engage the Domino partner ecosystem to get started quickly with templates from AWS, NVIDIA, Hugging Face, and other leading tech partners.

Embrace the rapid innovations in the quickly evolving generative AI ecosystem with access to frameworks like LangChain to build language applications, vector databases for retrieval augmented generation (RAG), and more.

Repeatable AI Development

Enforce Best Practices and Promote Reuse

AI Hub templates enable enterprises to reuse projects for repeatable and consistent AI development. Templates are fully customizable and shareable to foster collaboration.

AI Hub templates promote best practices and guardrails for project creation so teams follow consistent steps throughout their project lifecycle.

Jupyternaut on Domino

Instant Access

All the Tools, Environments, and Workflows You Need

AI Project templates include instant access to models, source code, sample input data, recommended hardware configurations, and links to GitHub repositories so you can begin building right away.

With Domino, you have everything you need to execute projects from the AI Hub without ever leaving your Domino environment, with all the data access, self-service infrastructure, open-source frameworks, IDEs, and tools you need to spin up and deploy projects rapidly.

Explore Projects

Choose Your AI Project Category and Task

With AI Hub, you can easily navigate to and discover relevant project templates. Click on a template to learn more about recommendations, see starter code, links to foundation models, descriptions of data sources, recommended hardware, and more.

How to Use Domino AI Hub

Domino Customers

Customers can contribute to their private hubs seamlessly in their Domino environment by following these steps:

  • Specify the Domino environment the project runs on
  • Collect the project source code
  • Point at a Git repo for the template's code
  • Provide a template overview document and usage instructions

Customers can use and customize available AI Hub project templates by selecting categories from the templates tab within their Domino instance.

Submit a Project Template

Domino is committed to building a rich ecosystem of AI Hub Project templates. Have a template to submit? Contact:


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