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Generative AI Must Be Responsible AI. What You Need to Know.

Yuval Zukerman2023-09-19 | 3 min read

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Generative AI (GenAI) is the hot technology ticket. Across all industries, GenAI is poised to redefine innovation. The technology even captivates your CEO's attention. Aligned across leadership, I.T., and operations, enterprises see the promise but want to understand how GenAI solves their use cases. Consultants and futurists are on hand and place GenAI's potential impact at trillions of dollars. In reality, there is a meaningful gap between 'potential' and making money. Knowing what your peers are doing with GenAI right now can help bridge that gap.

At the same time, the media is showcasing the risks and disasters GenAI brought on early adopters. A supermarket app using GenAI to generate meal plans recommended recipes for deadly chlorine gas, "poison bread sandwiches," and mosquito-repellent roast potatoes. A newspaper publisher replaced writers with GenAI. They saved money, but it took CNN to let them know things were not going right. Their model churned out the same title for dozens of high school games in Topeka, Toledo, or San Jose. It may sound funny until it's your company that makes the news.

Companies quickly discover that diving headfirst into GenAI is like walking a tightrope without a safety net. That's where responsible AI practices step in. Responsible AI helps you balance unleashing GenAI against the risks it brings. And if responsible AI practices were challenging with 'traditional AI,' GenAI turns complexity to 11.

So, what tools do you need? How can your company move from the GenAI sandbox to the big leagues without getting hurt?

If you want answers, do yourself a favor and take ten minutes to read Responsible Generative AI. It's Domino's latest white paper and includes real-world examples and discussions on topics like:

  • Companies that drive value with GenAI: Big and small enterprises already use GenAI and can demonstrate the value of their investments.
  • Promising GenAI applications: We share use cases that will move the needle and that you can adopt today.
  • Embarrassing Fails: Learn from companies who damaged their reputation and got into legal hot water because of GenAI. We will explain how responsible AI can help you avoid becoming the next GenAI anecdote.
  • GenAI Risks and Challenges: We touch on input and output data risks. Once a model is running, how do you know it performs correctly? Sooner than later, you have a fleet of models in production. How do you manage these models and the data they depend on? It's tricky, but the right tools make it possible.
  • Domino's solution: We will close by sharing Domino's approach to enabling rapid innovation without sacrificing risk mitigation and control.

GenAI is here to stay. It brings great power, and it's up to you to deliver value and manage the risks. Don't be the next unwitting victim of irresponsible GenAI.

Download Responsible Generative AI now!

As Domino's content lead, Yuval makes AI technology concepts more human-friendly. Throughout his career, Yuval worked with companies of all sizes and across industries. His unique perspective comes from holding roles ranging from software engineer and project manager to technology consultant, sales leader, and partner manager.

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