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Data Science

Generative AI Must Be Responsible AI. What You Need to Know.

Companies diving head-first into Generative AI must consider the risks it brings. Domino’s guide shows you how to harness GenAI responsibly. Download now!

By Yuval Zukerman3 min read

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Generative Models

Breaking Generative AI Barriers with Efficient Fine-Tuning Techniques

This blog post explores the challenges of fine-tuning large language models (LLMs) and introduces resource-optimized and parameter-efficient techniques such as quantization, LoRA, and Zero Redundancy Optimization (ZeRO). By fine-tuning Falcon-7b, Falcon-40b, and GPTJ-6b, we demonstrate how these techniques offer improved performance, cost-effectiveness, and resource optimization in LLM fine-tuning. The blog post also discusses the future of fine-tuning and its potential for unlocking new possibilities in enterprise AI applications.

By Subir Mansukhani9 min read

Domino's new Model Sentry feature helps enterprises manage AI evolution and launch products responsibly.
Generative AI

Llama 2: Leveling the Playing Field for LLM-Based AI Applications in the Enterprise

Meta's release of Llama 2 is a pivotal moment for businesses seeking to harness generative AI.

By Josh Poduska8 min read

2023 Generative AI Survey Report Research
Generative Models

What The Experts Expect of Generative AI: Domino's 2023 REVelate Survey

Generative AI is moving swiftly from intriguing novelty to top priority for your digital transformation strategy. It is hijacking conversations everywhere, from the boardroom to the dining room. But what do the top data science leaders and practitioners from the world’s most advanced AI companies really think? How transformative do they believe Generative AI really is? What problems and risks do they see, and how are they going about turning Generative AI into tangible business value? We surveyed them to find out.

By Kjell Carlsson7 min read

Ray clusters with Domino accelerate data science innovation.
Machine Learning

Domino Unlocks the Power of Data Science with Ray 2 Clusters

OpenAI demonstrated the profound impact generative AI could have. Such techniques turn datasets into transformative tools and products. Tangible AI projects that are both inspiring and can save your company time and money. Better yet, you are in a good position to aim high.

By Thomas Dinsmore and Yuval Zukerman5 min read

Machine Learning

Diffusion Models – More Than Adding Noise

Go to your favourite social media outlet and use the search functionality to look for DALL-E. You can take a look at this link to see some examples in Twitter. Scroll a bit up and down, and you will see some images that, at first sight, may be very recognisable. Depending on the scenes depicted, if you pay a bit more attention you may see that in some cases something is not quite right with the images. At best there may be a bit (or a lot) of distortion, and in some other cases the scene is totally wacky. No, the artist did not intend to include that distortion or wackiness, and for that matter it is quite likely the artist is not even human. After all, DALL-E is a computer model, called so as a portmanteau of the beloved Pixar robot Wall-E and the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí.

By Dr J Rogel-Salazar12 min read

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