Self-Service AI Infrastructure

Domino automates time-consuming DevOps tasks and empowers your team to focus on data science.

Domino's open and interoperable platform provides one-click access to your preferred tools, languages, and compute, including distributed compute frameworks. The platform unifies data science silos in a single pane of glass, with advanced cost and review controls, boosting productivity while reducing cost and risk.

More Data Science, Less DevOps

Self-serve dev environments with your data, tools, and compute. Automatically reduce platform spend with cluster optimizations

Harness Ecosystem Innovation

Use open-source & commercial tools for cutting-edge data science work. Empower every team to leverage the expertise of others to do more

Reduce Cost & Risk

Balance cloud and on-prem infra with integrated quotas & chargeback. Enforce compliance requirements with support for regulatory controls

Self-Service Infrastructure Portal

Self-Service Infrastructure Portal

One-Click Access to Scalable Compute, Managed by IT

  • Give data scientists and analysts easy access to the compute, data, and software they need without waiting for provisioning.
  • Spin up auto-scaling compute clusters (Spark, Ray, Dask, GPUs and more) for large-scale distributed data prep and model training.
  • Run workloads in any cloud or on-premises with faster access to necessary data and compute, making it easier to switch between different computing environments.
Open Ecosystem

Open Ecosystem

Harness Cutting-Edge AI Innovation

  • Integrate new techniques and recipes for large language models (LLMs), computer vision and more without requiring expensive and complicated code changes.
  • Fine tune foundational models and build generative AI using powerful, on-demand GPUs.
  • Use the best of open source like MLFlow, Feast, Ray, Spark, and Dask in a secure, enterprise-grade MLOps platform.
Unified Data Access

Unified Data Access

Eliminate Data Silos with Governance

  • Easily access any data - structured and unstructured - from any source - databases, data lakes, network-attached storage, cloud storage.
  • Discover and use data from any cloud or on-premises and honor data locality and sovereignty by running your workload close to the data.
  • Automatically version and track data for full auditability and reproducibility.
  • Govern access to sensitive data with granular access controls and permissions.
Cost Controls

Cost Controls

Reduce Infrastructure Spend

  • Balance workloads across clouds and on-premises to optimize compute spend.
  • Auto-scale and auto-shutdown to meet the elastic demand of your teams paying only for the compute you use.
  • “Pause and resume” expensive compute resources without losing data scientists’ work.
  • Built in quota management and chargeback reports to scale data science across your company while ensuring accountability.
  • Use compute resources at their raw costs, without any expensive markup.
Hybrid Multi-Cloud Support

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Support

Run in Any Cloud, On-Premises or Across

  • Unify silos with Nexus, a single-pane of glass for all data science workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • Centralize data access, train close to data, and protect data sovereignty by avoiding costly and tedious data movement.
  • Use cheaper on-premises compute options easily and reduce costs.
  • Seamless incremental cloud migration at your pace, and eliminate the risk of vendor lock-in.

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