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Jumpstart AI Using Foundation Models, Templates, and Best Practices

The Domino AI Hub offers a library of reference projects, pretrained, open-source, and commercial models for a wide range of business tasks and industries to help you accelerate AI projects for both traditional predictive models and Generative AI. Whether tackling time series forecasting or building a generative Q&A application, Domino provides the platform, models, templates, and best practices for you to get started quickly.

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Predict Turbine Performance with IOT Data

Forecast wind turbine energy output using a predictive model leveraging IOT data.

Retail Investor Sentiment Analysis

Generate retail investment sentiment analysis with FinBERT in Domino.

Summarize Text Using a Fine-Tuned LLM

Fine-tune an LLM (Falcon-7B) and deploy a text summarization Streamlit app in Domino.

Anomaly Detection in Streaming Data

Detect anomalies in EC2 CPU utilization with unsupervised algorithms in Domino, using Numenta Anomaly Benchmark (NAB).

Fine Tune an LLM for Natural Language Apps

Fine-tune an LLM (Falcon-7B and Falcon-7B-Instruct) on a conversational dataset to generate outputs from user-supplied prompts.

Deep Learning Computer Vision Models Using

Build, train, and fine-tune production-ready deep learning computer vision models using SuperGradient.

Validate, Monitor, and Govern AI

Use Domino Model Sentry to ensure model accuracy, fairness and explainability to mitigate model risk.

Create Marketing Reports in Natural Language

Use Artefact's digital marketing Gen AI model in Domino to empower marketeers.

Summarize Product Feedback and Respond

Generate email responses for customer service use cases with Amazon Titan Bedrock and Anthropic foundation model.

(Disclaimer - Domino Reference Projects are starter kits built by Domino researchers. They are not officially supported by Domino. Once loaded, they are yours to use or modify as you see fit. We hope they will be a beneficial tool on your journey!)