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Announcing Domino Fall ’23 Release

Tim Law2023-10-31 | 4 min read

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Domino’s Fall ’23 Release Accelerates All Enterprise AI, Responsibly

In the fast-evolving world of AI, Domino’s Fall ’23 release boosts team productivity and future-proofs AI for enterprises. Develop AI faster. Follow responsible AI practices. Unlock value from even more of your data. And benefit from powerful governance capabilities. Here’s a closer look at the key features.

AI Hub

AI Hub lets you jumpstart your AI projects with a centralized repository of curated, ready-to-build-on projects from Domino and leading providers like NVIDIA and AWS. This hub fosters best practices and encourages project reuse across your organization.

Use AI project templates in the hub to speed up AI development from weeks to hours with pre-packaged AI project templates, open-source foundation models, and reference projects spanning various tasks, applications, and industries.

Domino AI Hub Templates

Develop, Debug, and Document Faster: Generative Coding Assistant in Notebooks

Domino empowers data scientists with Jupyter AI. Select a coder model from the top LLM providers. Get broad support for a wide range of programming languages. Cut time wasted on mundane tasks with automated code and notebook generation. Let the model RTFM and get answers faster than Googling. An unintrusive chat interface lets you control how you interact and get help from the AI. Learn more.

Expanded Data Source Support

Access more data than ever before in Domino. New connectors offer access to Databricks and other leading enterprise data sources. Enjoy extensive support for data sources like SAP HANA, IBM DB2, Netezza, Synapse, Azure Blob Storage, Greenplum, Vertica, and more.

Enterprises running SAS workspaces can now bring their SAS/ACCESS licenses to leverage with Domino and work with Domino datasets and data sources. Datasets allow project teams to store, share, and work with file collections on Domino-managed storage. Domino Data Sources offer centrally managed project-wide connectivity to external data repositories. This method permits SAS/ACCESS users to work with data stored in databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Learn more about working with data in Domino.

Data Access Audit Log

Data is one of your organization’s most prized assets. Now, more than ever, you need to know who touched it.

As part of Domino's responsible AI framework, Model Sentry, we are proud to introduce Data Access Audit Logging. This feature automatically tracks all data source access during model development and training. It expands Domino's audit trail capabilities. Audit trails are vital to pharma, defense, financial services, and other organizations in regulated industries. It also provides model reviewers with the information they need to confidently approve models for production deployment. Learn more.

The Features You Need. Available Now

Domino's Fall ’23 release empowers enterprises to build AI solutions faster and more responsibly. It combines the benefits of AI project templates and Generative AI capabilities, using more data from more sources. You get more data with more control thanks to Data Access Audit Logging. Domino continues to help leading enterprises deliver AI solutions on time and on budget. They get AI done without compromising security or responsible practices.

Learn More

Check our release page here to learn more about the Domino Fall Release.

As Director of Product Marketing at Domino, Tim helps translate AI and machine learning into business and social value. Tim has worked as a marketer for companies of all sizes from tech giants to startups in a 20+ year career in data analytics and AI.

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