Simplify Collaboration

Seamlessly share and reuse work to compound knowledge and move faster.

Share knowledge and upskill together

Compound Knowledge

Centrally capture knowledge across teams and projects in a single source of truth.

Eliminate Silos

Bring together teams using different tools so they can share data and models, compare experiments, and learn from each other.

Securely Collaborate

Securely share and collaborate with internal teams and external contractors on one platform while protecting IP with security guardrails.

Reuse Work

Make past work easy to discover and reuse to avoid reinventing the wheel, leverage proven code, and upskill everyone.

Key Capabilities

Build Knowledge

Share Projects

Invite collaborators to work together on a common project canvas and reuse existing work to save time, or make all artifacts searchable for everyone.

Built-In Security

Securely Collaborate

Grant different, granular read/write permissions to projects and datasets to users, teams, and collaborators with Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC).

Log Communications

Capture Feedback

Keep all team conversations and collaborator feedback logged in one project canvas and track all interactions where work actually takes place.


Monitor Progress

See the health and status of all research projects and deployed assets across your organization. Define project goals and monitor team progress, milestones, and achievements. Drill down to understand recent activities and implement processes and templates that establish best practices for consistency.

Reuse work (clean)


Reuse Work

Domino keeps track of past models and all project artifacts. Easily find and reuse proven past work, review developer notes, and understand the thinking behind the work. Incorporate project files, libraries, and environment variables into your work to avoid starting from scratch and accelerate delivery.

Bristol Myers Squibb

“Experiments can be replicated with a few clicks, reducing audits from months to days.” — Bristol Myers Squibb


“Domino has made it easier for users across the global enterprise ... to work with each other, leverage past work, and collaborate quickly.” — Bayer