Generative AI for the Enterprise

Faster time to production with reduced cost and risk

Unified Platform for All AI

Develop and manage predictive models and GenAI applications in a single platform.

Open and Extensible

Rapidly access the best open source/commercial GenAI foundation models, tools, and innovations.

Proactive Cost Management

Automatically optimize and track compute costs to deliver GenAI cost-effectively.

Privacy and Responsibility

Ensure generative AI applications comply with security, regulations, and internal policies.

Take GenAI from Pilot to Production


Pre-built Accelerators for GenAI

The Domino AI Hub is a collection of pre-built AI projects that help teams jumpstart GenAI development for use cases like RAG, fine-tuning, and more. Templates are fully customizable and shareable for promoting GenAI best practices and guardrails. AI Hub templates from Domino and partners like AWS, NVIDIA, Hugging Face, and others enable you to stay ahead of rapid generative AI innovations.


Instant Access to Compute, Hardware, and Vector Stores

With a few clicks, spin up a complete Generative AI and Large Language Model development environment. Use tools like LangChain, popular frameworks, vector databases, and GPUs. Instantly and securely connect vector databases to support vector embeddings and techniques such as retrieval augmented generation (RAG). Provision scalable clusters — Ray, Dask, MPI, and Spark in a single click and automate hyperparameter tuning with RayTune.

Prompt security and governance [clean]


Secure and Govern Prompts

Domino provides a secure, standard interface to LLMs while ensuring sensitive data is governed, eliminating prompt leakage, and logging all tuning activities for audibility. Compare LLM performance by submitting prompts to multiple services and comparing results. Protect API keys, control and secure your data with access controls, and manage costs for LLM services.


Supercharge Your Prompts

Quickly link to new generative AI services. Integrate and improve existing models using generative AI prompts. Safely compile corporate data into searchable vector databases. Employ Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), embed vector data for enhanced prompts and automate updates to vector embeddings via Domino jobs.


Generate Code and Access LLMs

Use Domino Code Assist and other leading coding assistants like Jupyter AI and GitHub Copilot to automate coding, debug code, access foundation models, and more. Unlock the potential of generative AI in Jupyter notebooks. Easily create, troubleshoot, and summarize code while interacting with a user-friendly conversational assistant through a native chat UI. Seamlessly connect with popular LLMs, providers, or your models, ensuring reproducibility, customization, open-source transparency, and strict data privacy.

Model Review


Use Any Technique to Tune LLMs

Fine-tune and deploy foundation models with Domino's AI Hub. Enjoy pre-built solutions and code assistants, and access scalable compute clusters with automated hyperparameter tuning for better efficiency and lower cost.


Host LLMs for Inference

Domino can host your models - including LLMs - for inference. You can share your model as a web application or as a model API to help it connect with other systems. By automating infrastructure provisioning, Domino empowers practitioners to create and deploy models quickly without needing DevOps knowledge.


Govern, Control, and Deploy Responsibly

Easily add custom parameters, LLM evaluation frameworks, and guardrails to ensure responsible deployment of Generative AI. Use custom metrics from Domino to track and compare common metrics to ensure LLMs are well governed.

Cost Control

Manage and Reduce Costs

Domino Cost Center helps you control compute and storage costs with comprehensive cost analysis, spend tracking, project allocations, budgeting, and billing alerts. It also offers container cost optimization, workspace sizing, data storage limits, auto-shutdown, and auto-scaling to reduce spend. Scale with operational savings, efficiencies, and productivity gains while bending the Generative AI cost curve.


Get started with Domino’s GenAI Resource Center. All the resources you need to start and stay ahead from prompt engineering to fine tuning and hosting LLMs on Domino. Dive-In!


LLM Inference on Domino

Domino gives control across the LLM fine-tuning lifecycle.


Production-Ready GenAI by NVIDIA

NVIDIA AI Workbench creates a simplified path for developers to create AI-based applications

Balancing AI Innovation


"Low Hanging" GenAI use cases

Gain momentum and transition from POCs to operationalized models.


Responsible Generative AI

Generative AI comes with great powers and considerable risk.