The Definitive Guide to Cost-Effective AI

Actionable Steps to Shrink AI Costs by 40%

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AI is now the enterprise innovation centerpiece. At the same time, AI is rapidly emerging as a significant cost center. Compute and storage spending is rising in line with data science personnel costs. As companies ramp up to use generative AI, leaders must demonstrate increasing AI ROI.

AI ROI goes beyond cost savings. Enterprises must also consider team productivity, AI governance, and risk. Domino’s ‘Definitive Guide to Cost-Effective AI’ offers actionable strategies that make enterprise-grade AI more scalable and affordable. Take advantage of real-world techniques collected over a decade of working with Fortune 2000 customers across industries.

Key takeaways:

-How to balance innovation and budgets while boosting productivity

-Governance techniques to help maximize AI’s impact on your bottom line

-The tools you need to mitigate AI risk and avoid expensive disasters

The guide will help you devise and implement cost-effective AI strategies. You will also understand the role and benefits a modern AI platform has in delivering these efficiencies. Learn how Domino customers accomplished meaningful results without breaking the bank. Download now!

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