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Machine Learning

Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Phrases like deep learning and neural networks may be synonymous with artificial intelligence in the public’s minds, but for the data science teams that work with them, they are a breed of their own. Behind the dashboards of self-driving cars and below the online apps we use every day are a series of complex, interweaving algorithms that were inspired by the neurobiology of the human brain.

By David Weedmark12 min read

Machine Learning

A Detailed Guide To Transfer Learning and How It Works

For data science teams working with inadequate data or too much data and not enough time or resources to process it, transfer learning can represent a significant shortcut in machine learning model development. Most often associated with deep learning and neural networks, it’s also being used in place of traditional machine learning model training techniques as a method of accelerating development.

By David Weedmark8 min read

Data Science

Top High Impact Machine Learning Applications by Industry

In the last decade, machine learning (ML) models have made organizations all over the world and in every industry more productive, more profitable and better able to serve their clients.

By David Weedmark7 min read

Machine Learning

The Importance of Machine Learning Model Validation and How It Works

Model validation is a core component of developing machine learning or artificial intelligence (ML/AI). While it’s separate from training and deployment, it should pervade the entire data science lifecycle.

By David Weedmark6 min read

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Model Training: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Training a machine learning (ML) model is a process in which a machine learning algorithm is fed with training data from which it can learn. ML models can be trained to benefit businesses in numerous ways, by quickly processing huge volumes of data, identifying patterns, finding anomalies or testing correlations that would be difficult for a human to do unaided.

By David Weedmark8 min read

Machine Learning

A Guide to Machine Learning Model

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that uses algorithms to learn from trends, data sets and certain behaviors. This process involves the development of machine learning models that can answer questions, predict future outcomes and solve organizational problems.

By David Weedmark11 min read

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