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Data Science

The Past/Present/Future + Myths of Data Science

Sivan Aldor-Noiman, VP of Data Science at Wellio (now part of The Kraft Heinz Company), presented “The Past/Present/Future + Myths of Data Science” at Domino. This blog post provides a few highlights from the interactive talk as well as the full video.

By Domino4 min read

Data Science

Managing Data Science as a Capability

Nick Elprin, CEO at Domino, presented a 3-hour training workshop, “Managing Data Science in the Enterprise”, that provided practical insights and interactive breakouts. The learnings, anecdotes, and best practices shared in the workshop were based upon years of candid discussions with customers about managing and accelerating data science work. The workshop also featured reusable templates that included a pre-flight data science project checklist as well as a planning template for hiring and onboarding data scientists. We are sharing the breakout materials based on attendee feedback. If you missed Strata and are interested in joining similar discussions, then consider attending Rev.

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Become A Full Stack Data Science Company

In this post, Hoda provides insight into how companies with a growing data science capability can structure their organization to ensure that data science provides them with a competitive advantage.

By Hoda Eydgahi10 min read

Data Science

Data Science Use Cases

In this post, Don Miner covers how to identify, evaluate, prioritize, and pick which data science problems to work on next.

By Donald Miner19 min read

Data Science

Best Practices for Managing Data Science at Scale

We recently published a practical guide for data science management intended to help current and aspiring managers learn from the challenges and successes of industry leaders. This blog post provides a distilled summary of the guide.

By Mac Steele3 min read


Stakeholder-Driven Data Science at Warby Parker

Max Shron, the head of data science at Warby Parker, delivered a presentation on stakeholder-driven data science at a Data Science Popup. This blog post provides a session summary, a video of the entire session, and a video transcript of the presentation. If you are interested in attending a future Data Science Popup, the next event is November 14th in Chicago.

By Domino32 min read

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