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On Being Model-driven: Metrics and Monitoring

This article covers a couple of key Machine Learning (ML) vital signs to consider when tracking ML models in production to ensure model reliability, consistency and performance in the future. Many thanks to Don Miner for collaborating with Domino on this article. For additional vital signs and insight beyond what is provided in this article, attend the webinar.

By Ann Spencer7 min read

Data Science

Product Management for AI

Pete Skomoroch presented “Product Management for AI” at Rev. This post provides a distilled summary, video, and full transcript.

By Ann Spencer36 min read

Machine Learning

Machine Learning in Production: Software Architecture

Special thanks to Addison-Wesley Professional for permission to excerpt the following "Software Architecture" chapter from the book, Machine Learning in Production. This chapter excerpt provides data scientists with insights and tradeoffs to consider when moving machine learning models to production. Also, if you’re interested in learning about how Domino provides an API endpoint for your model, check out this video tutorial on the Domino Support site.

By John Joo12 min read

Data Science

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 7

Paco Nathan covers recent research on data infrastructure as well as adoption of machine learning and AI in the enterprise.

By Paco Nathan21 min read


Collaboration Between Data Science and Data Engineering: True or False?

This blog post includes candid insights about addressing tension points that arise when people collaborate on developing and deploying models. Domino’s Head of Content sat down with Don Miner and Marshall Presser to discuss the state of collaboration between data science and data engineering. The blog post provides distilled insights, audio clips, excerpted quotes as well as the full audio and written transcript. Additional content on this topic will be forthcoming from additional industry experts.

By Domino32 min read

Data Science

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 1

Introduction: New Monthly Series!

By Paco Nathan11 min read

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