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Machine Learning

Domino’s Spring 2023 Release Drives Faster Innovation with Cutting-Edge AI for Every Enterprise

In today's economic environment, all organizations need to unlock greater AI value, faster. 98% of CDOs and CDAOs say the companies that bring AI and ML solutions to market fastest will be the ones who survive and thrive in the upcoming times of economic uncertainty. More than ever, organizations need to scale the creation and operationalization of ML models across their businesses and bring to bear the latest, most powerful AI methods and tools.

By Kjell Carlsson10 min read

Product Updates

Take a look at Domino Code Assist

A picture is worth 1000 words, so let's get right into exploring Domino Code Assist (DCA). As I mentioned in my prior blog, with DCA you can import a dataset, make a few data visualizations, and deploy those data visualizations as a Python data app - all through a point-and-click interface. At the end of this, you have a perfectly executable Python or R script that follows the steps that you took in the UI.

By Jack Parmer3 min read

Product Updates

Getting to the Good Stuff with Domino Code Assist

My name’s Jack Parmer, and I’m the former CEO and co-founder of Plotly.

By Jack Parmer6 min read

Product Updates

Domino 5.3 Increases the Speed and Impact of Enterprise Data Science

Today's most successful organizations put AI and machine learning models at the heart of their business, creating competitive advantage by accelerating innovation, improving customer experience, and making faster and less-biased decisions. Data science teams building AI-driven applications and experiences require flexible access to the latest tools and any data across hybrid, multi-cloud and on-premises environments. Success with building models that drive digital transformation also requires the security, governance, and compliance that enterprises and governments expect regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

By Bob Laurent9 min read

Product Updates

Build, Deploy, and Monitor Models in Snowflake

Introducing End-to-End Data Science with Snowflake Snowpark

By Vinay Sridhar6 min read

Product Updates

Domino 5.1 Simplifies Access to Data Sources to Improve Model Velocity

Building a great machine learning model often starts with getting access to critical data – about patients in clinical trials, loans that have defaulted, transactions at individual stores, etc. Despite the hype around creating a “data lake” where all of a company’s data will reside, the reality for most companies is that data is often in a variety of different locations, both on-premises and in the cloud. And, the number of these locations grows quickly within larger organizations, with many different departments, different needs, and different storage requirements.

By Bob Laurent3 min read

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