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Bob Laurent

Bob Laurent is the Head of Product Marketing at Domino Data Lab where he is responsible for driving product awareness and adoption, and growing a loyal customer base of expert data science teams. Prior to Domino, he held similar leadership roles at Alteryx and DataRobot. He has more than 30 years of product marketing, media/analyst relations, competitive intelligence, and telecom network experience.

Product Updates

Domino 5.3 Increases the Speed and Impact of Enterprise Data Science

Today's most successful organizations put AI and machine learning models at the heart of their business, creating competitive advantage by accelerating innovation, improving customer experience, and making faster and less-biased decisions. Data science teams building AI-driven applications and experiences require flexible access to the latest tools and any data across hybrid, multi-cloud and on-premises environments. Success with building models that drive digital transformation also requires the security, governance, and compliance that enterprises and governments expect regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

By Bob Laurent9 min read

Product Updates

Domino 5.1 Simplifies Access to Data Sources to Improve Model Velocity

Building a great machine learning model often starts with getting access to critical data – about patients in clinical trials, loans that have defaulted, transactions at individual stores, etc. Despite the hype around creating a “data lake” where all of a company’s data will reside, the reality for most companies is that data is often in a variety of different locations, both on-premises and in the cloud. And, the number of these locations grows quickly within larger organizations, with many different departments, different needs, and different storage requirements.

By Bob Laurent3 min read

Product Updates

Domino 5.0: Unleashing Model Velocity

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By Bob Laurent7 min read

Product Updates

Domino 4.6: Greater Confidence & Flexibility for Model-Driven Businesses

Over the last five years, data science has become significantly more complex:

By Bob Laurent10 min read

Product Updates

Domino 4.4 Liberates Data Scientists to Maximize Productivity

By Bob Laurent, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Domino on June 21, 2021 in Product Updates

By Bob Laurent9 min read

Company Updates

Forrester TEI Study: Domino Delivers 542% ROI and Payback within 6 Months

Forrester recently surveyed¹ thousands of business and technology decision-makers to gain insight into their use of data and analytics, and the factors that contribute to their purchasing decisions. When asked what benefits their organization expected when using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies:

By Bob Laurent8 min read

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