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Our Series A Non-Announcement Announcement

We interrupt this program ...

By Matthew Granade4 min read

Data Science

Reflections on "Buy vs Build" for Data Science Tools

“Buy vs build”, “not-invented-here syndrome” and even “invented-here-syndrome” have been written about extensively. I want to share a few reflections on the topic, based on my observations both as an engineering manager (where I had to decide whether to build or buy solutions) and more recently as a founder selling a platform to other companies.

By Nick Elprin11 min read

Data Science

Tales from direct sales email outreach

Direct email outreach is one of our sales channels: we find data scientists working at interesting companies and email them. We've refined our template through a few iterations and A/B tests to the point where we get a response rate of over 5%, which seems reasonable. But we also get some perplexing responses. I wanted to share some of them, not as sour grapes, but because I think they shed light on some of the challenges involved selling enterprise data science software. Just to be clear, I am not complaining; I'm sharing -- for two reasons. First, maybe people will have suggestions. Second, this might help others trying to do enterprise sales.

By Nick Elprin7 min read

Data Science

Check your intentions

It's common knowledge these days that culture is critical to a company's success, and there's no shortage of advice about defining and nurturing the culture at one's startup. This post is an articulation of a key characteristic of the culture we want to engender at Domino: being direct with criticism while striving to make that criticism genuinely constructive.

By Nick Elprin7 min read


Management lessons from software engineering

As I've evolved from being an individual software developer to managing teams and starting a company—a data science platform—I continue to notice parallels between the principles of good engineering and the principles of good management. I have no delusions of novelty here but it's an interesting topic with a lot of surface area, so I plan to write more about this over the coming months. For now, I want to focus on one specific similarity: situations where "someone" is unable to do what has been asked of them.

By Nick Elprin6 min read

Data Science

Reflections on bootstrapping

We recently hired a Head of Marketing, and one of the bigger challenges in doing so surprised me: many candidates expressed serious concern about our having bootstrapped the company rather than using the more traditional venture capital-backed approach. I thought our approach was better, faster, smarter – but that’s not what many candidates saw.

By Matthew Granade9 min read

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