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Matthew Granade

Matthew is an experienced executive and business builder at the intersection of advanced analytics, data, finance, and technology. As a co-founder and member of the board, he brings to Domino decades of experience in management and market positioning to help the company unleash data science at the world’s most sophisticated companies. Matthew previously built Point72 Ventures and was Co-Head of Research at Bridgewater Associates.


Why Models Will Run the World

Domino is built on a couple of core beliefs:

By Matthew Granade14 min read

Data Science

Our Series A Non-Announcement Announcement

We interrupt this program ...

By Matthew Granade4 min read

Data Science

In Pursuit of Purple Unicorns

Many analytics managers we know describe their greatest challenge as recruiting data scientists. They often blame the problem on too much demand now that “data scientist” is the “hottest job of the 21st century.”

By Matthew Granade7 min read

Data Science

Cloud Security: The right way to worry

Here’s a question we hear a lot: We’re not that comfortable with the cloud from a security perspective -- can you install Domino on premise? The answer is yes (we have both an on-premises and cloud-hosted version of the Domino data science platform because that’s what clients want) but we think the central assumption of that question deserves further consideration, because it’s often wrong.

By Matthew Granade11 min read

Data Science

Reflections on bootstrapping

We recently hired a Head of Marketing, and one of the bigger challenges in doing so surprised me: many candidates expressed serious concern about our having bootstrapped the company rather than using the more traditional venture capital-backed approach. I thought our approach was better, faster, smarter – but that’s not what many candidates saw.

By Matthew Granade9 min read

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